XCOM Inspired USC: Counterforce Descends From Orbit

Written by Marcello TBL

USC Counterforce

In partnership with indie strategy game publisher Firesquid, Angry Cat Studios have announced USC: Counterforce, an old-school tactical squad shooter. Players will have their first opportunity to fend off alien invaders for themselves at Tacticon. Inspired by XCOMJagged Alliance, and Aliens, the sequel to Ultimate Space Commando features procedural levels, deep tactical combat, challenging encounters, and RPG-lite game systems that offer complex character attributes, skills, and inventory management.

Players control a hardened strike team of suited-and-booted commandos tasked with investigating and neutralizing the remainders of an unidentified alien threat on planetary body M-8322. But upon arrival, things don’t go according to plan…

With a class-free skill system and a multitude of weapons and gadgets to utilize against the alien wave, players must lead their marines through extremely challenging missions across multiple game modes. The demo already showcases the infinite replayability of the finished game with hours of unique challenges.

Featuring fully interactable, multi-layered destructible environments, players can leverage terrain and building layouts to maximize their defensive or offensive positions. Coupled with environmental hazards, buildable barricades, and walls that can be destroyed, the tactical possibilities for assaulting or retreating from combat positions are vast. With alien foes also able to execute similar tactics, USC: Counterforce builds on its layers of depth to create a unique, atmospheric experience.

A new demo will be released at this year’s TactiCon, the digital event hosted on Steam that celebrates unique strategy video games. Created by Firesquid Games and Hooded Horse, TactiCon will highlight the brilliant and creative minds who develop strategy games of all kinds and gather the players who love them. Those wanting to learn more about USC: Counterforce can wishlist the game now on Steam.

Join the official Discord of the game to follow the development of the game and talk directly with the team.

Key Features:

  • Create your ultimate squad to face every situation thanks to our unique class-free skill and progression system; hundreds of weapons & gadgets are available to suit your playstyle
  • Outsmart aliens in epic fights taking impactful tactical decisions, triggering combos and environmental interactions of all kinds;
  • Access to massive content at launch: USC:CF offers huge replayability through a fully randomized Campaign, customizable missions, multiple game modes, and local co-op using Steam’s Remote Play Together
  • Experience a genuine space/alien horror fantasy; explore and fight through abandoned bases and mining facilities in a dark, tight, deadly environment, where dangers lurk about in every corner–you must be ready for anything! Head cameras on every marine bring the terror even closer to you!
  • Discover the truth behind the demise of colony MC83-A, and protect Humankind from an ancient alien threat.


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