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An 80s RPG Homage – Blood & Chaos Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Blood & Chaos Overview

Revolutionizing the roguelite genre by intertwining the essence of tabletop role-playing games with the dynamic, ever-changing nature of roguelites is what Blood & Chaos by Guau Games is trying to do.

Developed with a nod to the collaborative and strategic depth of tabletop gaming, it allows players to construct their very own party of up to six adventurers, each with distinct skills, abilities, and roles to play within the group. This party-building mechanic not only encourages players to experiment with different compositions to discover the most effective synergy among characters but also accommodates the possibility of recruiting new members during their journey to adapt to evolving challenges.

Blood & Chaos RPG

Set in a procedurally generated medieval fantasy world, Blood & Chaos offers an array of epic quests that underscore the significance of every choice made, all while exploring a universe inspired by classic literature and the iconic RPGs of the 1980s. The game’s design emphasizes the importance of strategic planning and adaptability, making it an inviting canvas for both seasoned tacticians and newcomers to the genre.

The combat system in Blood & Chaos is a meticulous turn-based affair that demands thoughtful positioning and tactical execution, reflecting the game’s tabletop roots. Players must leverage the unique abilities and spells of their party members to navigate battles successfully, which vary from straightforward encounters to complex skirmishes that test one’s mastery over the game’s mechanics.

Blood & Chaos Screen

Magic plays a pivotal role, offering a vast spectrum of spells that can turn the tide of battle, underscoring the game’s emphasis on strategy and preparation. The roguelite element of permadeath adds a thrilling layer of tension and consequence to every decision, encouraging players to think carefully about every move. Coupled with a dynamic world that’s rich in detail and nostalgia for the golden age of RPG adventures, Blood & Chaos marries the challenge of roguelite gameplay with the strategic depth and character customization of tabletop games, providing a unique and engaging experience that stands out in the genre.

Party Composition

Blood & Chaos is in development with a 2024 release on PC via Steam. Overview and trailer below.


Blood & Chaos breaks away from the typical roguelike experience by offering you the chance to shape your own party of adventurers, just like in your favorite tabletop games. In a world where heroes are born from your imagination, you have the power to create up to 6 characters, each designed to complement the others and strike the perfect balance.

Assemble a party that suits your playstyle and strategy, or recruit new members along your journey to fill the gaps. Whether you’re a master tactician or a newcomer to the genre, Blood & Chaos provides the canvas for you to craft your epic tale of exploration, battles, and magic. Step into a realm where party synergy reigns supreme and unleash your creativity in this fresh take on the roguelike genre.

  • Create Your Party: Craft your party of up to 6 unique adventurers, each with their own skills and abilities, to create a balanced and complementary team. Experiment with party composition to find the perfect synergy between your characters or recruit new members along your journey.
  • Tabletop Inspiration: Experience the essence of tabletop RPGs as you control a party of adventurers, mirroring the collaborative and strategic nature of tabletop gaming.
  • Epic Quests: Embark on a series of epic quests that take you through a procedurally generated medieval fantasy world, where every decision matters.
  • Strategic Turn-Based Combat: Engage in tactical turn-based combat, positioning your heroes strategically and employing various tactics to overcome foes.
  • Masterful Magic: Delve into a world of potent magic and spellcasting, with a diverse array of spells and abilities at your disposal.
  • Dynamic World: Explore a richly detailed medieval fantasy world inspired by classic literature and ’80s RPG games, including villages, cities, and perilous dungeons.
  • Roguelike Challenge: Embrace the roguelike spirit, where permadeath adds to the tension and excitement, making every decision count.
  • Nostalgic Appeal: Relive the charm and excitement of ’80s adventure gaming while benefiting from modern gameplay mechanics and conveniences.


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