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Be a Vampire in Turn-Based RPG Rise of Peles – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Rise Of Peles

A dark and thrilling world awaits in Rise of Peles, a fresh vampire RPG from Twisted BrainZ, a creative independent game studio hailing from Switzerland. They’ve just dropped a captivating new trailer that promises a blend of intense turn-based combat, deep crafting systems, and an opportunity to build your very own vampiric dynasty.

Rise of Peles Strategy Game

In Rise of Peles, you’ll awaken from the grave, crafting your vampire from scratch. The game is set across four acts, pulling you deep into a narrative steeped in 18th-century horror and exploring lands that time has forgotten. Your mission? To turn humans into loyal followers, reclaim your stolen lands, and ascend to become the ultimate lord of darkness. Along the way, you’ll expand your domain, craft legendary gear, and solidify your place in vampire mythos.

Here’s a glimpse of what makes Rise of Peles stand out:

  • Brutal Combat: Dive into a novel take on turn-based fighting where you’ll face off against humans, monsters, and a variety of other foes. Harness a wide array of abilities and weapons to unleash vampiric devastation.
  • Extensive Crafting System: Design your castle for peak efficiency, automate your crafting, and bite the finest artisans to produce unparalleled weapons and armor. As a lord of darkness, only the best will do.
  • Choice-Driven Story: The narrative bends to your will, with your decisions shaping the game’s events and the nature of your relationships. Choose wisely to navigate your path to power.
  • Character Progression: Tailor your vampire to suit your playstyle, with your choices affecting your skills and appearance as the story unfolds.
  • Day-Night Cycle: A dynamic day-night mechanic forces you to take refuge from the sun, resting in your coffin while your minions keep the castle running, crafting items, and gathering resources to prepare for what lies ahead.
Rise Of Peles RPG

Rise of Peles is set to launch on Steam Early Access for Windows PC in 2024. Below is an overview of the game and the new trailer.


Arise from death as a vampire of your own creation, fight in epic turn-based combat and craft powerful weapons to slay your foes. Manage your lineage and expand your workshops to obtain legendary equipment. Use your cunning to recruit powerful allies as you venture forth on a path of victory drenched in blood!

A Story for the Ages

Journey through 4 acts of a unique vampire mythos, inspired by 18th century horrors and lands both old and forgotten. Become legend, reclaim the land that was stolen, and upgrade your castle to one befitting a lord of darkness. Teach creatures why you are to be feared.

Extensive Crafting System

Transform humans into vampires, make them your thralls and expand your lineage. Arrange and automate your crafting skills to improve efficiency. Entrap the best artisans to craft unique weapons and beautiful armours. Nothing short of the best for a lord of darkness.

Brutal Combat

Fight humans, monsters and other creatures using turn-based combat, allowing you to master the true art of vampiric carnage. Utilise a vast range of abilities, and draw blood with a diverse armoury of melee weapons.

Choice-Based Narrative

Choices matter. The outcomes of scenes and relationships are entirely within your control. Choose your path wisely.

Progression System

Create and develop your character to match your playstyle. Adding points to certain characteristics will change your character’s appearance as the game unfolds.

Time Matters

With a scaled day and night system, you must get back to your castle to avoid sunlight and rest in your coffin. But fear not, those under your command will continue to gather resources to give you an edge for your next encounters.


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