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Advance Wars inspired strategy game Athena Crisis Just Hit Early Access

Written by Marcello TBL

Athena Crisis Strategy Game

Advance Wars inspired turn-based strategy game features map and campaign editor, cross-platform progression and seven-player online PVP

Athena Crisis, a turn-based strategy game that nods to the charm of Advanced Wars, has just hit Steam Early Access, and it’s tagging along with a sweet 10% off deal, bringing its price down to $17.99. What’s cool about this game, crafted by the solo developer Christoph Nakazawa of Nakazawa Tech, is its support for multiple platforms right out of the gate. You can dive into its quirky, strategy-packed world on your browser, mobile phone, and even on your Steam Deck without the hassle of buying separate copies for each device.

Athena Crisis Strategy Game

The game itself is a smorgasbord of strategic delight, pitting you and your eclectic mix of units—think indestructible tanks, mythical creatures, and yes, Bazooka Bears (bears with bazookas, because why not?)—against a diverse array of enemies. It’s all about smart moves and tactical prowess, navigating your troops across a battlefield that’s just as unpredictable as it is engaging.

But Athena Crisis isn’t just about the fights; it comes loaded with a compelling prequel story in its single-player campaign and doesn’t stop there. The game boasts a map and campaign editor, offering a sandbox for your creativity and ensuring the game’s world keeps expanding through shared community content. Whether you’re looking to test your mettle against friends or random players, Athena Crisis has got you covered with both ranked and casual online multiplayer modes that support up to seven players.

Developed in Javascript, the game shines with a sleek visual style and impressively quick loading times. This choice also enables almost instant game updates, meaning community feedback can lead to rapid improvements without the need for cumbersome downloads.

Athena Crisis Videogame

Athena Crisis encourages diving into map and campaign editing, providing tools to forge your own narratives and challenges. Share your creations and explore those from others, promising a never-ending flow of new content to explore and conquer. So, rally your forces and prepare to claim victory, both in your realm and beyond, with Athena Crisis.

Below an overview of the game via Steam and Trailer

Athena Crisis is a modern retro turn-based strategy game that presents multiple gripping single-player campaigns alongside sync and async online multiplayer, as well as a full map and campaign editor, leaderboards, player skills and unit powers. Fans of Into The BreachAdvance Wars, or Fire Emblem will feel right at home in Athena Crisis!

Victory in Athena Crisis can be obtained in multiple ways: defeat all enemy units to clear a map, take over your opponent’s structures and bases, escort units to an escape zone, or simply survive for a period of time against overwhelming odds. Outwit, outbuild, and outfight your opponents to become the best Athena Crisis player.

Take Command

Command 40+ infantry, ground, naval and air units in turn-based battles. Each structure you capture will net you more resources each turn, which you can use to build more powerful units and expand even further! Here’s the twist: the actions within your game world can echo across to other players’ experiences, and vice versa – creating a dynamic, interconnected universe!

Think Tactically

Beware the fog! Proceeding too far behind enemy lines may leave your units exposed to attacks from unexpected directions, or even at risk of…dinosaur munches? Strategic thinking will be required to take advantage of terrain and lines of sight.

Skills and Powers

Customize your gameplay experience with unique unlockable skills and powers: Unlock new units, apply status effects or completely change how some unit mechanics work. And when you need to gain the upper hand, activate powers to unleash devastating counter attacks.

Just One More Game

A lighthearted, humorous story full of memorable characters will keep you playing long past when you planned to put your Steam Deck down. Just…one…more…map… And when you run out of official content, there are hours of community created campaigns and maps to play through!

Make Your Own Maps And Campaigns

A full map and campaign editor is included, allowing you to customize your own campaigns with your own dialogue or make challenging encounters for your friends to overcome. You can make single maps to play with friends and other community members, or create complete campaigns with entirely new dialogue and stories.

Play On The Go

Athena Crisis takes the phrase “multi-platform” to a whole new level: you can start a game on PC or Mac and seamlessly continue it on iPhone, Android, or Steam Deck, whether you’re playing the lengthy single-player campaign or an online skirmish with your friends.

Key Features

  • Immerse yourself in a single-player campaign with funny & memorable characters
  • Over 30 hours of official and community created content
  • Create your own maps and campaigns and share them with friends
  • Compete online in sync or async, ranked or casual battles with up to 7 players at once
  • Explore seven environments with unique playstyles
  • Compare your scores with other players in online leaderboards
  • Play on Windows, macOS, iPhone, iPad, Android, Linux or Steam Deck, seamlessly transitioning your progress between all of your devices
  • Full-length original soundtrack


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