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Become a Sky Pirate in Tactical RPG Dead Weight – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Dead Weight

Commanding a crew of sky pirates, assaulting ships and islands, and enhancing your gear to challenge ancient deities are charms that form the core of Dead Weight. This tactical RPG, developed by the indie team Klukva Games, features captivating pixel art, innovative gameplay mechanics, and strategic battles, offering a rich and immersive experience.

Dead Weight RPG

In this strategic, tactical, turn-based RPG, players captain a flying pirate ship and explore floating islands for loot. The game emphasizes turn-based tactical combat on compact battlefields, where every move is crucial, more like a puzzle. Players can select from various classes or create their own, navigating a world filled with ancient gods and dynamic crises. The adventure is enriched with a customizable ship and crew, skill upgrades, and a sandbox world ripe for exploration.

Dead Weight is set for a Q4 2024 release, but in the meantime, you can try the demo. Below is an overview of the game via Steam and some screens.

About This Game

A marvelous steampunk adventure awaits you in the sandbox world of Dead Weight. Choose a flying ship, stock up on fuel, hire a trusty crew and get ready to explore dangerous islands and fight the Ancient Gods in turn-based combat. Unlock new skills, get stronger and deal with late game crises.


  • Challenge the Ancient Gods and face the Crisis
    The world is rapidly changing and you will have to change with it. Mighty creatures have risen from their eternal slumber. Will you fight them or follow them in pursuit of forbidden knowledge? Hide, adapt and overcome late game events.
  • Enjoy Turn-based Combat
    The battlefield is tiny. Think ahead if you want to survive.
  • Get Stronger
    Upgrade your ship and train the crew. An extensive skill tree, 15 classes, and a multiclassing system will allow you to build a unique character.
  • Explore the World Full Of Danger
    Travel across the skies on your swift ship. Find ancient ruins and uncharted islands scattered across the steampunk world.


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