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Ever-Winter post-apocalyptic Tactical RPG Interregnum Chronicles: False Prophet – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Interregnum Chronicles: False Prophet Overview

Today, we dive into a post-apocalyptic world where winter is the only existing season. Tactical combat, survival management component, and remarkable graphics. Turn based lovers, today I introduce you to Interregnum Chronicles: False Prophet.

Interregnum Chronicles: False Prophet by indie studio Spacewalkers emerges as a meticulously designed tactical, turn-based strategy game, engrossed in the survival narrative of a post-apocalyptic world encased in eternal winter. The game distinguishes itself with its realistic approach to tactical combat, where each encounter is a battle for survival against the environment and other desperate survivors.

Interregnum Chronicles: False Prophet Gameplay

Emphasis on suppression and flanking tactics adds depth to skirmishes, requiring players to strategize meticulously to outsmart opponents. Beyond combat, survival mechanics are deeply integrated into the gameplay, compelling players to manage the warmth, hunger, and fatigue of their characters amidst the desolate, frozen landscapes of California.

Resource management, crafting, and scavenging become vital activities as players navigate through a world altered not only by cataclysmic climatic shifts but also by alien anomalies that challenge human comprehension.

Interregnum Chronicles: False Prophet

The narrative depth of Interregnum Chronicles: False Prophet is rooted in the heart-wrenching journey of the titular False Prophet, a desperate parent navigating moral quandaries in the quest to save their lost child. This game is the second installment in a series that delves into the aftermath of the Interregnum, a universe conceptualized by Przemysław Karda, marked by its unique setting of an Earth struck by an extraterrestrial mind-virus, wiping out most of humanity and catapulting the planet into a new ice age.

The story intricately weaves survival with the existential struggle of its characters against a backdrop of extraterrestrial beings indifferent to human fate. The game’s graphical fidelity complements its somber theme, portraying the desolation and beauty of its ice-enshrouded world with striking detail.

Interregnum Chronicles: False Prophet World Map

As players lead their caravan of survivors through this bleak landscape, they are faced with the constant challenge of leadership, managing not only the physical survival of their group but also their faith in the protagonist’s vision of a promised land—a narrative that explores the extents to which one might go to save a loved one, all the while questioning the morality of the means to an end.

Interregnum Chronicles: False Prophet is currently set for a Q2 2024 release on PC via Steam. Below an overview and trailer.


Interregnum Chronicles: False Prophet is a tactical, turn-based strategy game about survival in a post-apocalyptic world of eternal winter.

An extraterrestrial mind-virus has struck the Earth, killing 95% of humanity while the poles have shifted and the world is plunged into a new ice age. Lead a group of survivors as the titular False Prophet to a promised land – a lie manufactured in a desperate bid to save your lost child. Find out if goals do justify the means, and what a desperate parent is willing to do to save their child.

This is the second entry in a series of games which tell the story of the Interregnum and its aftermath, based on the world created by Przemysław Karda.


Fight for your life in turn-based tactical battles against desperate survivors like you. Use suppression and flanking to outsmart and outmaneuver your enemies. Experience a realistic depiction of a firefight in which suppression plays a key role.

Survive the biting cold and ever-present hunger. Scavenge resources while trudging through frozen wastes of California. Loot, craft, and make the best of what you find.

Explore alien anomalies and extraterrestrial phenomena that transcend human understanding. Alien civilizations fight over Earth with no regards to its human inhabitants. Their struggle is completely beyond human understanding as it warps the very structure of reality.

Recruit survivors to your cause. The people you meet often have their own quests – how far will you go to convert them to your cause? The sick and the children are unable to work – will you leave them to die or make them part of your pilgrimage?

Manage your caravan and the people that follow you. Their survival is in your hands, but if they lose faith they might just replace you. Launch expeditions to gather resources, divide the workforce, and guide your flock. The survival of the group will require sacrifices.


Tactical Combat
Turn-based tactical combat with emphasis on realistic depiction of firefights. Suppression plays a key role as every shot drains the Action Points of its target and those nearby. Defeating enemies requires smart use of the fire and maneuver tactic. Your characters can have an array of special abilities that allow them to manipulate the battlefield – change turn order, transfer Action Points or mitigate the effects of suppression.

Deep Survival Mechanics
Managing warmth, hunger, and fatigue of your characters is as important as winning battles. Rationing food and deciding when and how to establish a campsite will be crucial to survival in the harsh environment of a post-apocalyptic winter. Choosing what your characters wear affects how fast they lose warmth, and must be balanced with gear that protects them in combat.

Original Story
The world of Interregnum is an original setting in which extraterrestrial beings are completely beyond any human. In this post-apocalyptic world, ordinary people are fighting for survival while the very structure of reality is being torn apart by a struggle beyond their understanding.


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