Ilenar – Overview

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Ilenar Turnbased Rpg

A Turn-based strategy game, inspired by the Heroes of Might & Magic series developed by solo indie Forbidden Realms Studio.

Background story

In the beginning, it was light. They did not recognize its strength for a long time, they were not looking for power from the sky, the source of energy. When they realized that they did not have to look down and search, rather their eyes were in the sky highlighted. When they tried to utilize solar energy, it was too late. Humanity came to see it late there is a stronger source than ever, which is constantly growing.

It was late because the Earth already became uninhabitable and the dominant race almost extinct. They do not have a lot of chances because the layer on their home planet, which protected them from the incomprehensible and unprocessed force, it’s slowly destroyed, disappeared.
To escape, they had to move. Anyone who lived on Earth has no escape from death.

Ilenar - Overview

War wounded at that time everywhere, there was no rest for anyone. The environment was ravaged and the animals were wiped out. Materialistic and power minded creatures have dominated everything. There is no other way, but the balance of the equilibrium straightened. The Earth had to be abandoned, but humanity was not enough to do it. They needed to hurry. In the ancient wars, they saw the shelter below the ground to survive all the blows, but they again looked in the wrong direction.

The only solution to escape is the way to the stars. They had to move on, the only option being the Cassius project. Before the atomic war and global warming would have destroyed everything, a smaller group managed to leave the planet and set off for a long journey to find a new home. They did not know it what’s waiting for them …

Game info

Ilenar is a sci-fi turn-based strategy game with role-playing elements, that is placed in the distant future in a post-apocalyptic universe. It is expected that six different factions will be able to fight and submerge planets.

Ilenar Turnbased Rpg

About developer

Ilenar is made by almost one man (Forbidden Realms Studio) so the development is running on a low budget.

Release date & platforms

Ilenar does not have a release date yet. After three years old massive development, already reach the pre-alpha version. Right now the game is unavailable to download, because of the early phase. Later they are planning to share a playable version to the gamejolt community.


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