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Moonrise Hope: Tactics RPG – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Moonrise Hope Tactics RPG

Engage in deep puzzle-tactics combat that rewards creativity over luck. Explore a character-driven story about guilt, acceptance, and finding hope in dark times. Currently in late alpha, with a demo released.

Moonrise Hope Tactics

Background story

The Chain of Fate will be broken. The end will come. In a struggle to survive against the second monster invasion, our unlikely heroes will learn hidden truths about monsters, magic, the soul, and about themselves. Even in this dark hour, they will find Hope.

Gameplay info

Moonrise Hope features a near RNG-less combat system tailored to reward creativity, out of the box thinking, and big combos. The combat system works on four central mechanisms: stunning, armor, action points, and morale.

STUNNING – In Moonrise Hope, each time monsters take damage, they are stunned and lose their turn. This allows players to be aggressive and try various strategies.

ARMOR – However, all characters have an armor value which gives them block each turn. As long as a character still has blocked, they cannot be damaged. Combined with stunning, this turns combat into a tense puzzle where the player must stretch their character’s abilities to disable as many monsters as possible without leaving themselves exposed.


ACTION POINTS – Every character can act multiple times a turn. However, abilities cost action points to spend, and the player has a limited number of action points per turn. This both frees the player to explore different strategies and form massive combos, while also furthering the complexity of the puzzle. Players must carefully manage their abilities in order to successfully both damage the enemies and avoid damage themselves.

MORALE – Characters also have morale, which goes down as the fight takes a turn for the worse. If morale gets too low, characters will exhibit character-specific weakness debuffs. Morale is used at the end of a fight to determine a change in Hope, a persistent stat that affects a character’s strength. Morale and hope provide characterization to combat while also encouraging risk-taking and dramatic turnarounds.

Key features

  • Deep Puzzle-Tactics Combat which rewards creativity over luck.
  • A character-driven story that bleeds into the gameplay through morale and hope mechanics.
  • Explore a charming and lore filled RPG overworld.

About developer

Moonrise Hope is being made by a small indie team of three childhood friends.

Official page:

Release date & platforms

Moonrise Hope is a PC game and you can get the Alpha Demo here while the full release date is still undetermined.


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