Phantom Brigade – Preview

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Phantom Brigade

Let’s be honest, there’s never going to be a time when Giants Robots aren’t cool.  Whilst the Michael Bay Transformers movies wore out their welcome, a game that features giant robots will always have a cool factor to it.  Into the Breach, Battletech, Age of Wonders: Planetfall, and many more are all games that feature giant robots doing battle!

Phantom Brigade Overview

The Story

Outgunned and out-numbered and out-gunned, the Phantom Brigade will fight to retake their war-torn homeland from their mobile base and using their skills to overcome the odds to win in this campaign that features a hybrid blend of both real-time and turn based action.


Players will command a group of mech-pilots and their mechs, fighting against a force comprised of mechs and other vehicles commanded by the enemy AI force.  However, in a novel twist on the genre, you are able to predict enemy movements and can plot your moves to counter the enemies moves and make the best play you possibly can.

This plays out allowing you to make a plan and then see it executed in slices of time, in a way that is somewhat like a blend of the pre-planned movement of Frozen Synapse with the predicted enemy movements of Into the Breach.

The graphics are bright, colourful and nicely detailed and the game has a slick, ultra-modern UI to allow the players to have all the information they need to expertly out think their enemies.

Phantom Brigade Pc Game

Key Features

  • Cinematic spin on the turn-based genre: Predict enemy movements, orchestrate precisely timed countermeasures and watch the action unfold.
  • Strategy: Make high-level tactical decisions on the world map, manage your base, and decide how to apply your limited resources.
  • Tactical combat: Take command of your squad in varied missions ranging from sabotage of enemy equipment and infiltration of high-tech facilities to convoy ambushes and challenging outpost onslaughts.
  • Customization: Featuring a rich customization system, the game enables you to fine-tune performance of your mechs, install a wide selection of equipment and access a wealth of cosmetic options.
  • Destructible environments: It’s not a proper game about walking tanks without some collapsing buildings. Phantom Brigade allows every square meter of every scene to be destroyed. Blow up any cover and collapse buildings over your enemies.

About the Developer

Brace Yourself Games are a hot up and coming indie producer, responsible for Crypt of Necrodancer and the Industries of Titan, also entering into early access.  This Canadian based team has a good record of responding to their public and have an active Discord for the game too.


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