Slavic Folklore Tactical RPG Spear Song – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Spear Song Overview

Lead Slavic Knights Against the Force Of Evil in This New Grid-Based Tactical RPG

I must confess I have a long list of super-interesting games to show you in the next few days, and today, I want to introduce Spear Song, an upcoming turn-based tactical RPG developed and published by indie Divovision Games. Deeply rooted in Slavic folklore and fairytales, it presents a turn-based tactical combat experience where players lead ancient Slavic knights against evil forces. The game features colorful, hand-drawn graphics inspired by Slavic folk art, enhancing its fairytale atmosphere.

Spear Song Gameplay

Players must strategically combine their squad’s skills to combat enemies and monsters in a kingdom plagued by evil spirits, including a giant three-headed dragon. Spear Song offers a unique journey on each attempt, driven by randomly generated adventures, where careful planning and tactical gameplay are essential to save the kingdom.

Spear Song will be released on PC on May 28, 2024. Below is an overview of the game Via Steam, trailer, and screens.


Ancient Slavic knights fight against evil in turn-based tactical combat!

Spear Song is inspired by Slavic folklore and fairytales. Colorful graphics will allow you to dive into this fantasy kingdom with knights fighting against authentic Slavic villains. Lead a squad of various characters and combine their skills to defeat the enemies!

Evil spirits have invaded the kingdom, ghouls roam the fields terrorizes the countryside. Knights are continuously going on crusades from the capital to clear the land from evil creatures. All previous attempts have failed, but now the fate of the kingdom is in your hands. Will you be able to defeat the enemies of your land and crush the hordes of monsters?

Key features:

  • Dive into the fairytale! Bright stylized graphics inspired by Slavic folk art.
  • Lead the squad! Tactical gameplay is based on combining the skills of units and manipulating the enemy’s position on the battlefield.
  • Write your legend! Each attempt to save the kingdom presents a new, randomly generated journey.
  • Upgrade your knights! Different characters have unique skills and great opportunities for combinations.
  • Take care of your warriors! The dead cannot be returned. If you lose, you’ll need to start all over again with a new squad.


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