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This is the End - Gameplay

This is The End is a squad-based strategy game, based in a steampunk setting. Gameplay-wise, it is a mix of XCOM and Darkest Dungeon games, mixing all the best features from both. All of this is presented using great pixel art graphics.

This is the end Pc Game

Background story

There has been an unexpected breakthrough during the long and exhausting siege of The Empire’s Capitol. Rat Swarm managed to breach the walls and flooded the city with vermin. Group of survived city dwellers is trying to escape – and possibly rescue some additional people, if necessary. They will need to scavenge the destroyed city for resources, fight off rat vermin and make their way through the Capitol – all of this to finally get safely out of the city.

This is the End - Gameplay

Key features:

  • Lead the group of Survivors in the search for sparse resources necessary to survive
  • Use cover and flanking mechanism to defeat the Rat Vermin in turn-based combat
  • Customize the appearance of your characters
  • Make your way through the remains of the Capitol and uncover its hidden secrets
  • Pay close attention to the sanity of your survivors, or face dire consequences.
  • Rescue more team members and don’t allow existing ones perish
  • Upgrade your character’s equipment and weapons
  • Experience a different run every time, thanks to the randomized nature of the game
This is the end Turn-based pc

About Developer

Big Pile Games is actually a one-person studio, Sławomir Bryk, who is working on a hobby project. A Polish software developer, happy husband, and father of two decided to finally embark on his longing journey to create an indie game. “This is The End” is his first major project, and development on it started in mid-2018.

Release date & platforms

Sławomir Bryk is planning to release a tech demo of the game in 2019, possibly followed by a crowdfunding campaign. This is the End will be a Pc/Mac game.


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