We are the Caretakers – Overview

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We are the Caretakers

Inspired afrofuturist turn-based strategy RPG developed by Heart Shaped Games where we lead a group of a high-tech organization to protect the planet.

We are the Caretakers

Background story

We Are The Caretakers (WATC) draws on the first-hand experiences of real-world rangers and researchers to model and evolve the human-environmental concerns of today on a truly cosmic scale. The game introduces players to an original sci-fi universe with nuanced societies, deep mysteries, layered management challenges, and escalating conflicts that have no easy or absolute solutions.


We must lead an organization that has the task of protecting the planet by helping people and animals. To do this we will have to recruit rangers who will be able to access more than 20 different classes and jobs.

We are the Caretakers

There will be a lot to do during the management phase as we will have to dedicate ourselves to diplomacy with the leaders of other organizations and communities around the planet, we will have to carry out research to develop new technologies and accept missions.

Turn-based fights will not be the only way to resolve situations and every decision will have different consequences.

We are the Caretakers
We can accept different missions around the globe, with differents rewards.

Key features

  • ORIGINAL AFROFUTURIST UNIVERSE: Former Activision-Blizzard artist Anthony Jones brings breathtaking afrofuturist style and human empathy to the complex sci-fi world of We Are The Caretakers.
  • DEEP CONSEQUENCES: Every action committed in the world has an effect on how the Caretakers are treated by others, and their ability to protect the endangered Raun that define their way of life.
  • HUMAN SQUADS: Assemble squads from individuals with diverse traits, abilities, and personalities, each with geographic and personal ties to the land they patrol. Train and upgrade your Caretakers across 20+ unique job classes.
  • HUMAN PROBLEMS: Communities have needs which must be addressed to retain support, and gain new avenues of access. Rangers get tired from midnight marches.
  • HUMAN SOLUTIONS: Spend as much time finding ways to help the people and animals surrounding your society as you do tracking poachers.
  • LAYERED CHALLENGES: Given a limited amount of resources, players must juggle challenges with domino effects that reach from the heights of the global strategy layer, to the radiated depths of the vast plains your humanitarian forces cross to deliver supplies.
  • TAILORED GENERATION: Procedurally-generated maps are created within sophisticated guidelines to ensure limitless variety that retains the singular storytelling and emergent moments enabled by one-off level design.
  • COMPLEX CONFLICT: An innovative combination of turn-based combat, intent deduction, and permanent consequences shows the human cost of conflict, as well as provides alternative ways of resolving situations that fall outside of strict personal combat.
  • NUANCED NARRATIVE: IGF-nominated narrative designer Xalavier Nelson Jr. creates a morally-complex world with human emotion at the core of every scenario, where the individuals outside your squad matter as much as the rangers you deploy on each map.
  • CULTURAL DIPLOMACY: Meet international and community leaders inside your sci-fi HQ, considering how each of their conflicting demands will affect your ability to influence their factions in the future.
  • RIGOROUS RESEARCH: Guide the direction and specialties of your organization by choosing field-level technology upgrades and large-scale research projects with nationwide impact.
  • YOU GET A BABY RAUN: It will nuzzle against your bed long after it grows too large to reasonably do so. It is adorable.
We are the Caretakers
Assemble squads from individuals with diverse traits, abilities, and personalities, each with geographic and personal ties to the land they patrol.

About developer

Heart Shaped Games

Heart Shaped Games is a design-centric independent game studio founded by industry veteran Scott Brodie and Kate Brodie. Scott Brodie has been making games professionally since 2002, including work as an Xbox LIVE Arcade Producer for Microsoft Game Studios.

He worked with talented independent developers on games like Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, Scrap Metal, Aegis Wing, and Snoopy Flying Ace. Heart Shaped Games (HSG) was founded in late 2010. Based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, they strive to create meaningful and memorable games that players love. They focus on original gameplay, elegant design, and deep systems, while never losing sight of being fun first. Some of their works: Hero Generations, Highgrounds, and Brave Hand.

Release date & platform

We Are The Caretakers don’t have a release date yet, but there will be a PC early access version this year with 9-12 months of development before releasing the final version.

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