From the British study CooCooSqueaky Games comes Tears of Avia, an interesting turn-based tactical RPG. You are the seeker, the chosen to search for the Tears, and you have the mission to collect them before the Ancient Demon’s henchmen take them to open the door to the Demonic Realm and take the world of Estera with a demonic army.

The story premise is interesting, but you will advance eventually on it, with some events in the cities and some before starting a fight, but this game is not a story-driven one. This can be a positive factor if you look for pure tactical combats without intromissions, but I miss a major weight of the story. There are secondary quests, but they are no relevant, you can finish one but the game does not warn you about this, you have to check it if you don’t forget to do it. Also, they give you some useful rewards and even some new characters. You have an arena mode too if you want to test yourself.

The Characters

There are 5 main characters, you have to choose one at the start of the game. You will meet the others during the adventure, and they will join you, but the difference is that this character will be irremovable of your team. The prologue dialogues vary depending on which character you choose, but the rest of the adventure will be the same. In this prologue, you will get your first ally too, Afren (warrior class). There are a total of 16 playable characters.

These are the main characters. Choose wisely yours because he/she will be irremovable from your party

There are 5 different characters classes. Every main character has one, but there are other allies with the same category:

  • The Warrior (Kai): Class specialized on melee attacks and defensive/leadership skills. You can use them as main melee damagers or can be tanks with support abilities. The class-main weapon is the Sword.
  • The Brawler (Raul): Class specialized on melee attacks and special attacks using their own health to deal vast damage. They have less defence than warriors, but they have more speed. The class-main weapon are the Knuckles.
  • The Ranger (Reina): Class specialized on ranged attacks and on summoning wild animals (wolves, spiders, bears…even dragons). They deal big individual damage, but they are weaker at melee ranges.
  • The Mage (Iris): Class specialized on elemental magic, with fire, ice, and lighting. They have powerful elemental attacks and area damage skills. Weaker at melee ranges.
  • The Healer (Momoka): Class specializes in healing and sacred magic. They heal their selves and the allies, also, they deal big damage on undead enemies. Weaker at melee ranges and they are very poor attackers.

Preparing your party

Every class has 3 skills trees. You will obtain skill points levelling up to unlock all the abilities, and you will unlock them in a relatively short time, but you only can use 5 at combat. You can upgrade every skill from LV 1 to LV 5 if you buy the corresponding item to do this in the shop, but you will need these items for every skill. Choose wisely or you will grind a lot to achieve this because you will not receive gold enough after winning the battles.

Every class has a predetermined weapon, but you can equip every weapon in other characters, although this will be useless because they are oriented to the class skills. Every weapon has its skills, from a simple attack to special attacks, which will cost SP (the game’s PM or Mana) and they will need some recharge turns. For example, I got an axe with an ability to realize 3 attacks to the same target and it was very useful, but I needed the simple attack ability because I had to wait for some turns to use the triple attack again.

This is the Warrior skill tree. How to use it’s up to you

The Fights

Tears of Avia is a turn-based tactical game. At the start, you deploy your characters, with a maximum of 5. You can move and use a skill every turn with all the deployed characters. Some skills have special animations (sometimes the Raul the brawler seems a Saiyan but without the blonde hair xD) and you will obtain experience with these actions. After you turn, the enemies will proceed to their moves and attacks. You will win if you defeat all the enemies. At the end of the battles, you will obtain gold, weapons, and accessories. The accessories are different from the weapons, they only have character stats values (HP, SP, attack…), and every character can equip up to 3. After every battle, you will come back to the last city visited and you will have to use the map to choose where is going to be your next fight. This feels a little awkward because it breaks the battles’ momentum. There are 2 difficulties, normal and hardcore. On hardcore, enemies will be stronger and there will be field ailments , asides from the provoked by your party or your enemies. Also, if one of the main characters you will get a game over, and if one of the others die, he/she will disappear permanently. If you need help, there are deities in the cities’ chapels where you can make offerings and obtain some bonuses, like more attack or less SP consume, but you will have to choose carefully, if you offer gold to a deity, another one will dislike it, and its bonus will decrease. Others will level up too but in a less %.

Every stage will have 3 stars to obtain, 3 challenges, and if you accomplish them, you will receive better rewards. You can earn them on different attempts, you can obtain one the first time that you play a stage, and then replay the stage and earn the others, they are saved when you clear the mission. Some challenges of the first stages are only achievable after some story progress, like finish the first mission deploying 5 characters (the first time you only have 2 characters, you know). At some stages, you will lose a couple of turns just to reach your enemies, even with the ranged units (yes you have read it well) so some challenges will be harder than others. Fortunately, you can skip the skills and movements animations, it will be useful in the stages with tons of enemies.

It isn’t Totally Accurate Battle Simulator, is a Tears of Avia rave par…fight

Graphics, Soundtrack & Other stuff

The Tears of Avia graphics are in 3D, they look well, the characters have a nice anime style, but the stages look empty. In battle, you will pass this, but the cities are empty. Tirig, the second city that you will see, has tons of NPCs in the scenario but you only can interact with the ones that offer some kind of service, like your companions to make changes to your party or the shopkeepers, so the emptiness feeling is constant. The soundtrack is good, except the main menu theme which is exceptional, the cities have their theme, battles have another and the map has another, among others, they accompany you very well during your adventure. The game has texts in English, Deutsch, French, among others, and it’s dubbed in Japanese. It has achievements and cards (steam) and it’s available on Xbox One and PC.

OVERALL: 7.5. Tears of Avia is an interesting tactical premise and a nice anime atmosphere. It has some interesting strategical points, but the story rhythm and some battles are too slow. Sometimes you won’t remember why are you fighting for, but the tactical mechanics are great to entertain you. I liked it but it disappointed me a little, I had better expectations, but it’s a good game. If you like the genre, and the anime universe, or just pure tactical battles without extra stuff, you probably will like it, but there are better options in the genre.

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  1. When you say there are better options in the genre, what games are you referring to? As I always like to hear what the comparisons are to determine if I would be willing to give the compared to game a shot. Thanks!

    • Hi! First, the game is recommendable, if you like tactical RPGs you will like it, but you will need some extra patience xD. Then other games that I liked more and I’ve played are:
      – Agarest Generations of War, is an older title, but it’s good, has a nice story, and has the same battle-system (not the same graphics).
      – Blackguards another oldie one but with the same system and a very dark atmosphere…
      – Did you play any game of Shadow run saga ? Except Boston Lockdown (this is online oriented), they are awesome tactical RPGs.
      If you want something more new, there are Wastelands saga, there is a review on the site of the 3rd, or Necromunda Underhive Wars (this more on the X COM games line). There are more like Banner Saga games or Ash of Gods, it depends on what do you like (For me this last 2 are not better than Tears of Avia, for example, but for other persons are great). And probably I forgot some that they aren’t on my steam library xd.

      • Thanks for the recommendation, I’ve had my eye on this game for a while.

        I played some of the original Agarest game, which I did find pretty good. I have also played some of Shadowrun Returns, I really need to get back to it (and play the other two which I have in my library but haven’t gotten to yet).

        I haven’t played, but know of Blackguards and Wasteland.

        I’ve played a bit of Banner Saga but haven’t played Ash of Gods, I like the art style of those but I wasn’t fully enamored of the gameplay.

        Of course I was spoiled on Disgaea and Tactics Ogre/Final Fantasy Tactics. (And I did play Fell Seal more recently).

        Thanks again

        • We have very similar gaming tastes. It’s good to know there are more people who play the same games as you!. I have good memories of FFTactics, they were nice gaming times. Also, I have Fell Seal pending of playing but it’s waiting for me on my steam library.

          Thanks for your comments!!

    • If you play in normal about 20 h. On hardcore probably more. Then it depends on if you want to complete all the challenges, if you want to complete the arena, the achievements or if you want to farm gold, weapons or accessories.

      Thanks for your comments!

  2. UPDATE: They implement a fix and now you can skip enemies movement, so the game is no longer that slow, at least in determined battles. I’ve updated the review and the score too.


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