Building the Ultimate Gaming Setup: 6 Tips for Gamers 

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Building the Ultimate Gaming Setup

Sometimes you want simple human things like racing in a rally, shooting monsters, or playing football for your favourite team. However, whatever your gaming preference, the space where you will spend the next couple of hours should be comfortable. This is important not only for a cool feeling and enhancing the effects of the game but also for health. For example, your back won’t thank you for many hours of sitting on a hard stool. At the same time, the ears will hear worse under the influence of cheap headphones. 

Fortunately, you can avoid unpleasant consequences and improve your environment by creating the ultimate gaming setup. Check which components will help you with this.


A river begins with a small stream, and the gaming space begins with a table. Therefore, you need to pay special attention to your search. Don’t judge by appearance (although that is also important), but approach the matter more pragmatically – the table should be thoughtful in all respects and fit correctly into your gaming room design. 

First, let it be roomy. Someone instals not only a monitor, microphone, and webcam, but also a PC system unit on the table. So, here it’s better to have more than less area – both in length and depth. Ideally, the gaming desk has cable channels, which significantly reduce the headaches of how to lay “these-damn-wires” neatly. 

Also, the table should be positioned to receive natural light. Alternatively, arrange additional lighting in the form of, for example, table lamps or LED strips. What’s more, keep in mind that the monitors on this table should be facing away from the light from the window: this way we will get rid of possible glare.

Gaming chair 

Whether you’re arranging a gaming environment or a road trip, focusing on comfort is a priority. What do we mean? So, for example, a car hire for young drivers gives you the necessary convenience while travelling. At, you can book under 21 car hire at Birmingham Airport and any other destination, thereby ensuring a smooth ride. The same applies to the chair, which is a basic element in a comfortable gaming setup. 

Yes, a good chair will guarantee you a long game, and more importantly, a healthy back after it. It must have the following characteristics: 

  • adjustable height 
  • adjustable backrest tilt level 
  • the presence of armrests and a headrest (preferably with a cushion or adjustment) 

With the right setup, your spine will be very grateful and support your entire gaming experience. So, pay special attention to choosing the right chair!

Gaming Chair


Given the global price range, you should decide in advance on the size of the monitor and the money you are willing to spend on it. Think about what qualities you want to see in a screen that will be in front of your eyes a significant part of the time. If your main wish is just to have a picture, then, of course, almost any option will suit you. However, those who expect a wow-immersion effect, super clarity, and multitasking should consider more specialised options, which may differ significantly in both price and functionality. 

Perhaps even a split system with 2-3 additional monitors may suit you. This topic is common among professional streamers who use multiple programs when broadcasting or recording video games – for voice recording or webcam, screen capture, and the game itself. Well, if you play shooters, then be sure to look for a monitor that supports the maximum number of frames per second – this will make the game run even smoother. 


Microphones open the hit parade of the most necessary gaming peripherals and accessories. Despite the simplicity of the device, you may be challenged to choose a model that meets your requirements. It’s one thing to have a microphone for communicating with teammates, and quite another to use it for voice recording or streaming. 

In the first case, consider headsets, that is, microphones built into the headphones. They are convenient because they don’t take up additional space and, as a rule, don’t require special long-term setup. In the second option, choose a sensitive microphone with good noise reduction and a fairly wide range – such electronics will elegantly convey the entire range of emotions in the hottest situations.


High-quality gaming headphones should transmit sound well, not overload the hearing aid, not put pressure on the ears and head, and, of course, work without interference. When choosing a device, pay attention to the presence of a headband: it must have a lining and, of course, the ability to be adjusted to a specific person. Focus on the following technical specifications when purchasing headphones: 

  • 16-40 Ohm impedance (so you don’t need a separate sound card or amplifier) 
  • not less than 100 dB sensitivity 
  • 20-20,000 Hz frequency range. 

If you plan to play professionally (for example, a dynamic online shooter), then choose wired headphones, as they have no latency. Still, now you will find many low-latency wireless models, which, in addition, are more convenient to use.



The modern computer world is impossible without a webcam, especially if you are a streamer. Yes, you need to have a better webcam to properly interact with the viewer. It makes sense to choose a camera that has a shooting quality of at least Full HD, a frame rate of more than 30 fps, and a photosensitive matrix.So, the computerised society has influenced all areas of our lives, including the interior. Therefore, if you are a gamer who wants to bring a piece of your passion into the environment, use our simple tips for a successful setup. Of course, adhere to the current gaming hardware recommendations to ensure your computer system meets modern requirements. If everything is ready, launch your favourite game, or if suddenly you want to relax, hire a car in Birmingham and go on an exciting trip!