Final Fantasy XI Gil Farming Guide

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Final Fantasy XI is a simple online multiplayer game where you can create characters and explore the huge land. You can fight against monsters, complete quests and make allies for tougher battles. As you continue you’ll claim powerful tools, armors and gears using the in-game currency called Gils. This guide will equip you with the idea of farming Gils in multiple ways.

Early Steps to make/earn Gil

The Gobbie Hustle: Every week, hunt down a friendly Moogly in any big city. These fluffy folks appreciate a good adventurer and will reward you with special things for helping out! But that’s not all! Take these rewards to a Reive NPC, another person you’ll find in those same big cities. They’ll swap your goodies for shiny, strong shields and sparkly crafting dust. Now the best part is selling these treasures at special consignment shops for a whole bunch of FFXI Gil

Auction House: Keep an eye out for things like Cloth, Lumber, and Ores, which are often used for crafting. You can get these by gathering from spots you find around the world. Collect lower-level materials and sell them at the AH for a reliable way to make money, especially if you’re new to the game.

Beastman Bounty: As you complete quests and vanquish enemies, you’ll often receive items specific to those foes. Check the AH for these monster-related drops, as some can fetch a decent price, especially if they’re needed for crafting high-level gear.

Leveling the Gil Game

Once you’ve established a basic income stream, let’s explore some more methods:

Ambuscade Adept: Ambuscade is a special challenge you can tackle once you’re super strong. It throws tough enemies at you, but the rewards are awesome! You’ll get cool gear to make your character even better, and sometimes even rare stuff you can sell for a ton of gil. Focus on grabbing the gear you need first, then you can think about selling the extras for even more spending money!

Notorious Monster Mania: Look out for super tough enemies called Notorious Monsters (NMs)! Beating them with a team is a great way to get rare loot and lots of gil, but make sure the NM is strong enough for you to fight! Teamwork is key!

Skilling Up: Skilling up crafting professions can be lucrative, but requires initial investment. As you level your crafting skills, you’ll be able to create high-demand equipment and consumables that players buy on the AH.

Tips for Making Gil Faster

High-level players might seem like gil-making machines, making 100,000 gils per hour. We’ve got your back. Forget complicated tricks – these tips will help you earn more gil without any secret formulas. You’ll be surprised how quickly your wallet starts to bulge! Still the best way is to buy FFXI Gil from reputed and trusted seller MMOPixel.

Find out new Locations:

  • Quon
  • Cape Teriggan
  • Valley of Sorrows
  • Gustav Tunnel
  • Kuftal Tunnel
  • Cloister of Gales
  • Mindertia
  • Hall of the Gods
  • Ro’ Maeve
  • The Sanctuary of Zi’ Tah
  • The Boyahda Tree
  • Dragon’s Aery
  • Cloister of Storms
  • Outlands
  • Rabao
  • Eastern Altepa Desert
  • Western Altepa Desert
  • Quicksand Caves
  • Chamber of Oracles
  • Cloister of Tremors

Farming Tips for FFXI

Farming can help you keep the Final Fantasy XI Gil flowing as you adventure. Here are the ways to do it:

Air Elemental Farming – Level 30+: Try exploring La Theine Plateau! You might find a couple of these creatures there. They’re not super common, but adventurers can sometimes sell them for a good price, like between 3,500 and 4,500 gil on most servers.

Crystal Farming – Level 30+: Orcs are known to drop Fire Crystals! These fiery crystals are used for crafting and can be a nice way to make some extra gil. While the exact amount you get can vary, expect to earn somewhere between 2,000 and 3,000 gil per stack you collect.

Moat Carping – No Specific Level Required: Try Moat Carping! It works at almost any level. Grab a “Fast Water Fishing Rod” and Yellow Insect Paste from a fishing supplier. Head to any water and cast your line. Catching a Moat Carp isn’t guaranteed, but its good fishing practice. If you snag one, you can sell a stack of 12 for a whopping 4,000 gil! Plus, keep an eye out for other valuable fish to sell.

Leaping Lizzy – Level 30+: Look no further than Leaping Lizzy! This Notorious Monster might be a pushover, but the loot it drops can be sold for a small fortune (250k-280k gil!) on the Auction House. Just keep your eyes peeled – spotting Leaping Lizzy is the only real challenge!

Light Elemental – No Specific Level Required: Light Elementals are a shimmering source of wealth for adventurers! These elusive creatures can be found on two locations: Delkfutt’s Tower, where they’re always present on both Lower and Mid Delkfutt’s levels, and Qufim Island, but only during the rare double light weather phenomenon. So keep an eye on the skies on Qufim! The real payoff comes when you defeat a Light Elemental – each one drops a Light Cluster that fetches a hefty price, ranging from 10,000 to 12,000 gil.

FFXI Simple Quest Tips:

Here are some specially picked simple quests listed below that will help you grow your Gil stocks in a moment:

  • Warp Quest: Bastok’s Warp Quest is your secret weapon! Buy Slime Oil, find Unlucky Rat (befriend Bastok first!), trade oil for a Warp Scroll, then sell it for 7,000-10,000 gil! This repeatable quest keeps your pockets lined!
  • Just a Badge Quest: Windurst explorers! The Just Badge Quest lets you turn a cheap Rabab Tail (Auction House!) into 500-2,000 gil. But the real prize comes with 4 Wild Onions – trade them to the same NPC for a cool 5,000 gil! Easy low-level gil boost!
  • Fire Crystal: Here you can earn up to 2000 Gil by selling stacks of crystal in the Auction House. You can apply one from the two methods given below:
  • First off, you can defeat mobs in heap amount and use the loot method. Here you are only to defeat the enemies and use their drops as loots.
  • In the second one, you can use Mog House gardening for profit! Grab a flower pot, seeds & water crystals from the Auction House. Plant, water, wait 1-3 days, harvest Fire Crystals (up to 17 each!). With 7-8 pots, you can rake in 30,000 gil every 2-3 days!

Note: Crafting Mules can help you repeat same quests again and again.


With a little effort, you can become a master Gil-getter in FFXI! This guide has shown you many ways to make money, from selling monster drops to completing quick quests. So grab your tools, explore the world, and watch your Gil pouch grow!