Upcoming 2022 Game Changers Championship

Written by Sylvester K


Now that the Valorant Champions in Istanbul have concluded, instead of resting, Riot is preparing another, even more, eminent event; the Game Changers. Eight teams

recognized as the best of the best worldwide will take part and brawl against each other to attain the status of the international victors in the professional Valorant competitive scene.

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Game Changers 2022

As mentioned, eight teams have been chosen to participate in the event, and Riot Games have recognized and picked these as members of their Valorant Partnership Program. The teams are known for their experience and competency, meaning the stakes will undoubtedly be high as teams represent their regions.

The Game Changers Championship will be held in Berlin this November, from the 15th to the 20th, to be precise. The tournament will feature teams from North and South America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and APAC countries. Keep up to date on the upcoming Game Changers info by following Valorant’s socials, official page, and Valorant Esports’ website.

What will the event look like?

The 2022 Game Changers will follow the best-of-three format until the finals, taking place on November 20th, which will have the remaining two teams compete in

best-of-five. The double-elimination system will be upheld throughout the competition.

The teams participating in the tournament are EMEA’s Guild X and G2 Gozen, NA’s Cloud9 White and Shopify Rebellion, LATAM’s KRÜ Esports, Brazil’s Team Liquid, APAC Elite’s X10 Sapphire and East Asia’s FENNEL HOTELAVA. These eight spots were distributed among regions according to each region’s player population and competitiveness.


Date & DayTime PSTTime CET
  November 15th / Tuesday  06:00 A.M.  15:00
  November 16th / Wednesday  06:00 A.M.  15:00
  November 17th / Thursday  08:00 A.M.  17:00
  November 18th / Friday  06:00 A.M.  15:00
  November 19th / Saturday  08:00 A.M.  17:00
  November 20th / Sunday  08:00 A.M.  17:00

Can spectators get rewards by watching the event?

As with any Riot Games event, players can earn rewards throughout the tournament. Players must link their Riot Accounts with the platforms streaming the championship.

Players will periodically receive various cosmetics by watching the matches with linked accounts.

Players can check if their accounts are linked with the streaming platform, ergo, whether they are eligible for receiving rewards by looking for a checkmark while

attempting to watch a match. Broadcast drops will be awarded to players by tuning in anytime until the finals’ day and on the finals’ day. Additionally, the title ‘Game

Changer’ can be earned up to the finals, and the player card ‘2022 Game Changers Championship Card’ can be acquired during the finals match.

Those eager to see the event in person must purchase tickets through Eventbrite. But since the tickets became available on October 17th, there is a good chance that all have been sold out. In that case, players can apply to the waitlist if Riot issues

more tickets; however, there is no guarantee that the waitlist will yield results.

Where can I watch the 2022 Game Changers?

The Game Changers will be streamed on the official Valorant YouTube and Twitch channels to all supported regions and in many languages. Valorant Twitch will support more languages than YouTube, so watch the tournament there. As the first-ever global Game Changers event, it will produce a lot of hype, primarily since teams represent their regions.

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