What Are The Best CS:GO Weapons to Use in 2023 

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CS:GO is an exciting dynamic shooter that has fans all over the world. This video game has a complex game economy that creates new meanings for players and item collectors. In this article, we will look at the most popular weapons in CS:GO, and also find out what is better for novice players to choose.

How Important are the Weapons?

CS:GO is a game about confronting terrorists and counter-terrorists. To achieve the main goal in the game, you need weapons. Fortunately, CS:GO has a variety of weapons from the  oldest CS:GO weapon skins to the newest Revolution case skins, so you just have to choose the most suitable for you.

At the moment, 34 weapons are available to players, each with its own characteristics and purposes. Weapons differ from each other in magazine capacity, rate of fire, armor-piercing power, and other qualities that directly affect the player’s ability to win. Weapons in CS:GO consist of ten Pistols, six Heavies (four Shotguns and two Machine guns), as well as seven SMGs, and eleven Rifles (seven Assault rifles and four Sniper rifles).

It is worth noting that success in the game depends not only on the match of the weapon to the player’s skills but also on its match with the game mode and the type of weapon of the opponents. The value of weapons in a CS:GO shooter is obvious, and it is useless to deny the importance of choosing a reliable weapon. So let’s look at the most popular weapons in the game that will help you achieve the desired ranks.

Most Popular CS:GO Weapons

Each type of weapon has its own purpose, so do not underestimate the importance of a particular gun. It is best to understand the appropriateness of using weapons in a given situation.


The legendary AK-47 rifle is as popular in CS:GO as it is in the real world. In addition to being reliable, the weapon is also reasonably accessible to players. AK-47 is most often chosen by terrorists. This weapon is capable of neutralizing and hitting even the most protected opponents. The assault rifle is the loudest weapon in the game, but mastering the control of the rifle will give you a sense of confidence, reliability, and security. The rate of fire reaches 600 RPM, and the armor penetration reaches 77,5%. 

Desert Eagle

It is one of the most popular shooter pistols and is used by both terrorists and counter-terrorists. Despite the low cost, the weapon has enough power to kill the enemy with one shot to the head. Experienced players can snatch victory with the Desert Eagle. This is an effective weapon to run an econ round. The rate of fire reaches 266,67 RPM and the armor penetration reaches 100%. 


This is a devastating rifle that is a great choice for counter-terrorist teams. It has a lower price compared to the AK-47, and the magazine holds 30 bullets. This is one of the easiest weapons to learn and is ideal for beginners as it has high accuracy. Its rate of fire reaches 666 RPM. Its armor penetration is 70%. 

Glock 18

This is a versatile weapon that has a lot of advantages. It is used by both terrorists and counter-terrorists. The pistol has a semi-automatic firing mode and a burst firing mode. The player can shoot weapons at both medium and long distances. The rate of fire reaches 400 RPM (semi-auto) and the armor penetration reaches 47%. 


This is the most expensive weapon in CS:GO and for good reason. The rifle is known for its “one-shot, one-kill” killing power. It is chosen by the players of the two opposing teams. This weapon is chosen by professional players, you can admire the work of a rifle at professional matches. To get the most out of this weapon, it is recommended to tinker with pro settings. The rate of fire reaches 41 RPM, and the armor penetration reaches 97,5%. 


This is one of the most budget-friendly weapons in the game. However, when using burst mode, this rifle can cause significant damage with high accuracy. It is a popular counter-terrorist weapon that has proven effective in both close combat and ranged combat. The rate of fire reaches 666 RPM (Auto) and the armor penetration reaches 70%. 

What Weapons Should Beginners Use?

If you are just starting your journey in CS:GO, do not rush to buy weapons designed for pro players. To gain experience and a chance to buy CS:GO skins for weapons, pay attention to guns with minimal recoil. For example, Dual Berettas and P90. It is an ideal weapon for beginners, as pistols have high penetration power and negligible ricochet. You don’t have to constantly reload your weapon, so you’ll quickly master the technique and be able to upgrade to more serious weapons. Weapons such as AK-47, AVP, and M4A4 will help you fight on equal terms with strong players.

To Wrap Up!

There are no restrictions in CS:GO regarding the choice and use of weapons. You can succeed by starting with the mastery of simple and budget weapons. As you master the technique, switch to more deadly weapons with which you can hit the enemy with one shot. 


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