Born of Bread

Born of Bread, Key Art

Born of Bread – Tasty Adventure RPG Now Available For PC, Switch, Playstation, and Xbox


As the advent of the holiday spirit comes ever so closer, developers WildArts and publisher Dear Villagers promptly releases their ...

Born of Bread JRPG

Dive into the Whimsical World of Born of Bread this December

Marcello TBL

Indie game powerhouse WildArts, in collaboration with Dear Villagers, is thrilled to unveil the release date of their adventure RPG ...

Born of Bread JRPG

Born of Bread: The Adventure RPG You’ve Been Waiting to Devour

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A Delicious Delay: Born of Bread Launches This Fall In a world where gaming experiences are as diverse as the ...

Redemption Reapers

Keep an Eye on these 10 Turn-Based Games | Kaeoi56

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Long time since the last KAEOI – video and written article where I point out exciting indie & and not ...

Born of Bread RPG

Paper Mario-inspired RPG Born of Bread Announcement

Marcello TBL

Developer WildArt and published Dear Villagers just announced Born of Bread. A colorful RPG made of fun characters and an ...