Dungeon Encounters

Top 30 Turn-Based RPGs 2022

Top 30 Turn-Based RPGs of the last 2 years – Part II

Marcello TBL

Here is the second part of Top 30 Turn-Based RPGs of the last 2 years which you can play on ...

Dungeon Encounters Review and Tips

Dungeon Encounters — Tips and Review


Developed and Published by Square Enix, the aptly named dungeon crawler, Dungeon Encounters was released on October 14, 2021 for ...


Tokyo Game Show 2021 Turn-Based Recap


Hi! Aiori here. How is everyone? I hope that life is good and you are all well. 2021 as with ...

Dungeon Encounters RPG

A new dungeon crawler RPG from Square Enix

Marcello TBL

An irrepressible Square Enix, announced another intriguing turn-based RPG during the Tokyo Game Show 2021. Directed by FINAL FANTASY series’ ...