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Video – Top Upcoming Turn-Based Rpgs on Itch.io – Part 2

The second video dedicated to some of the most promising turn-based games extrapolated from my collection on itch.io. All games are still...
Fae Tactics

Under development indie turn-based strategy/RPGs – Part 2

Here we are with part 2 of indie turn-based games under development. (part 1) All the games listed on this list came...

Hearts of Iron IV – La Resistance DLC Let’s Play by Sampstra Games

La Résistance adds secret agents, espionage missions and new options for resistance movements to Hearts of Iron IV, the popular grand strategy...
Rogue Lords

Rogue Lords – Announcement

NACON is pleased to announce Rogue Lords, a new rogue-like game co-developed by Cyanide and Leikir Studio. Rogue Lords takes place in...

Video – PC Indie Early Access Turn-based Strategy RPGs – Part 2

Second video dedicated to indie games already available in early access. Games are sort in order of release date. Let me know...