Abalon Arena – Gets First Public Demo For The Steam Next Fest


While awesome turn-based adventures are fun enough in your lonesome. They’re even better when you play them with friends. From ...

K2: Digital Edition, Key Art

K2: Digital Edition Demo – Gameplay Overview


K2: Digital Edition serves as an eye catching video game adaptation to the intense mountain climbing board game, K2. While ...

The Best Turn-Based Warhammer 40K Games

Harry Ted Sprinks

The universe of Games Workshop’s Warhammer, predominantly Warhammer: 40,000, is an often-used setting for video games. Although many of these ...

WitchSpring R, White Fox Guide, Featured Image

White Fox – WitchSpring R: Pets Guide


The White Fox is another potential starter pet in WitchSpring R that is best summoned by MAG players. White Fox ...

Banchou Tactics – Japanese Gangster RPG Coming To Switch This February


Co-developers Secret Character and ITSARAAMATA and publisher Flyhigh Works recently announced the Nintendo Switch port of their Japanese gangster RPG, ...

Tarnished Blood – Upcoming Turn-Based Roguelite With Unique Time-Bending Mechanics


From the creator of My Memory of Us comes a unique turn-based roguelite experience, Tarnished Blood. Featuring a hellish realm ...

Bestiario – Join The Kickstarter For This Spanish Mythical RPG Inspired By JRPG Classics


Featuring a wonderful mythical world of Puerta del Sol in Madrid to the mountains of Asturias. Bestiario will take players ...

All Quiet In The Trenches – World War I Strategy RPG Now In Early Access


World War 2 is an event that’s pretty much common knowledge to the average person these days. Kids in school ...

White Wood Staff - WitchSpring R

White Wood Staff: WitchSpring R Guide


The White Wood Staff is the only other staff in WitchSpring R that’s evolvable on the three evolution paths (physical, ...

WitchSpring R, Dwarf Thor, Featured Image

Dwarf Thor – WitchSpring R: Pets Guide


Dwarf Thor is one of two pets that Kanna will ask you to choose from in WitchSpring R. The other ...