Crimson Tactics

Tactical RPG Crimson Tactics: The Rise of The White Banner is Ready for The full Release

Marcello TBL

Release Date and Early Access Journey Crimson Tactics: The Rise of The White Banner is all set to make its ...

Angelic: The Chaos Theatre

Angelic: The Chaos Theatre Now Available for Wishlist on Epic Store and Steam

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Metaverse Game Studios Unveils Its Revolutionary Strategy-RPG Game, Setting New Standards in the Genre and Nearing Its Open Beta Launch ...

Moonstone Island

Moonstone Island: The Ultimate Life-Sim Adventure Awaits You This September

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Embark on an Enchanting Journey as an Aspiring Alchemist in a World Filled with Mystical Creatures and Hidden Treasures In ...

Veil of the Witch

Lost Eidolons: Veil of the Witch Announced by Ocean Drive Studio

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Ocean Drive Studio has announced two groundbreaking titles, but our spotlight today is on Lost Eidolons: Veil of the Witch. ...


Terraformers: The Ultimate Red Planet Adventure Coming Soon to Xbox and PlayStation

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Embark on a Cosmic Journey: Klabater SA Announces Terraformers Console Launch Prepare to set foot on Mars like never before! ...

Born of Bread JRPG

Born of Bread: The Adventure RPG You’ve Been Waiting to Devour

Marcello TBL

A Delicious Delay: Born of Bread Launches This Fall In a world where gaming experiences are as diverse as the ...

Top 10 Indie Games To Try 2023

Recently Played and Approved: Top 10 Indie Turn-Based Games to Try Now – Episode 61

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Today, I’m thrilled to guide you through the fascinating world of indie games. Specifically, I’ll spotlight 10 must-have titles you ...

New Arc Line RPG

Turn-Based RPG New Arc Line Announced for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series

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Anticipated Single-Player RPG, New Arc Line, Promises a Rich Storyline and Dynamic Gameplay, Offering Gamers an Immersive Experience Ukrainian game ...

Cross Tails

Cross Tails: A Mesmerizing Journey Through a War-Torn Fantasy World – Review


Released in July 2023 on PC via Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and Playstation, Cross Tails is a tactical turn-based RPG ...

Master of Magic New Expansion

Master of Magic: Rise of the Soultrapped Out Now – A Fusion of Tech and Arcane in New 4X Game Expansion

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Unveiling New Realm, Wizards, Heroes and More in Latest Master of Magic Expansion, Available Today at Steam Strategy Fest The ...