Top 5 RPGs Of Xbox Game Pass

5 Awesome RPGs That Will Make You Subscribe to Xbox Game Pass In July 2024

Marcello TBL

The renowned online service offers an impressive gallery of video games. Let’s take a look at some of the most ...

Norse Tactical RPG - News and Announcements

Everything Turn-Based: Weekly RPG News, Announcements and Releases 29 June 2024

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Perhaps the week’s most important news is that the Summer Sale has started, and there are really incredible deals to ...


Resurrect The Mother Tree In Addictive Survival RPG Sandwalkers – Preview

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Everything you need to know About This Roguelite RPG Released Last Week Sandwalkers, Goblinz Studios’ new title, takes us to ...

Old World Strategy Games

Get These 2 Great Strategy Games For Less During Summer Sale

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Hooded Horse, for those who may not know, is currently one of the top publishers in the strategy games genre. ...

Gobs and Gods Tactical RPG

Battle Brothers Meets South Park In Tactical RPG Gobs and Gods – Overview

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There’s something really special about Gobs and Gods, a tactical RPG developed by Alexandre Gilotte and Thierry Gilotte. It’s not ...

Lords of Ravage Fantasy RPG

Play As the final Boss in Dark Fantasy Strategy RPG Lords of Ravage – Preview


Lords of Ravage is an upcoming dark fantasy RPG developed by Synthetic Domain. In this RPG, the player is the ...

All In The Game: Crime Strategy Videogame

Guide a Criminal Gang And Take The City In All In The Game: Crime Strategy – Overview

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Many might not remember a 90s strategy game called Chaos Overlords, where players had to lead a criminal organization by ...

Tarnished Soul Sword - WitchSpring R

Tarnished Soul Sword: WitchSpring R Guide


The Tarnished Soul Sword is a melee weapon in WitchSpring R that ignores enemy defense and magic resistance. It’s one ...

Million Monster Militia Roguelite

Recruit Vampires, Tax Accountants, or Whales in Crazy Roguelite Million Monster Militia – Overview

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Explore Thousands of Synergies In This Mad Roguelite Auto Battler Million Monster Militia is a crazy and innovative roguelite game ...

Maximum Apocalypse Digital Adaptation

Fully Funded Digital Adaptation Of Tabletop RPG Maximum Apocalypse – Overview

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Fight Off A Zombie Infestation or an Alien Invasion In This Cooperative RPG Thanks to a fully funded Kickstarter Campaign, ...