Research and Destroy

10 Turns Interview with the Research & Destroy developers


They are like Bermuda grass, like my old friend said not so long ago, even before the real invasion began. You can't do anything to stop them. There are too many of them. This is the reason why I decided to close myself inside my old big house. Nobody dares to enter here, at least until now, but as I said, "no place is safe, anymore".

Research and Destroy


Damiano Gerli

Gather round ghouls and zombettes - tonight I will recount the tale of how the human race went extinct and we, the supernatural beings, were finally allowed to live (well…) in peace. The story of how the humans began disregarding science, believing ignorance and arrogance to lead to happiness. HA! The poor souls didn't know what was in store for them; we came back and drove them extinct. Today, you can be safe in the knowledge that there is not a single human in sig… - Say what? You saw a human? WHERE?

Blood Bowl 3

10 Upcoming Turn-Based Games for Xbox to Look Forward to in 2022

Charlie Norris

March. The month we've all been waiting for. The final remnants of yesteryear are now out of the way - and 2022 has officially begun. Those New Year resolutions we all said we were going to do? Well, they are back and ready for a new cycle. Alright, this may sound a bit gloomy, but there is still one thing for us to be happy about: All the upcoming games. If you are an Xbox fan and a turn-based fan as well, this is your list. These are the games for you to look forward to - this year and beyond.