SKALD Against The Black Priory Review

A credible pixel-styled RPG that scratches that retro-inspired itch – SKALD: Against The Black Priory review

Two Clicks

SKALD: Against the Black Priory (SKLAD) has materialised from the depths of nowhere without pomp or fanfare. The first Steam ...

Captain Velvet Meteor

One For the fans? Captain Velvet Meteor: The Jump+ Dimensions – Review

Charlie Norris

Shonen Jump has got to be one of the most recognisable manga publishers around. They are the company behind some ...

Beneath Oresa - Review

Beneath Oresa – Review


I had the joy of getting to review one of the latest roguelike deck-builders, Beneath Oresa. You will find all ...

Spirited Thief

Spirited Thief Review


There haven’t been a whole lot of stealth-focused games in recent years. Especially not in the turn-based genre. So I ...

Prime of Flames – Early Access Review

Don Cheebis

Overview Prime of Flames is a turn-based tactical RPG with roguelike elements. Prime of Flames or PoF is developed and ...

Geneforge 1 – Mutagen Review


Mutagen is an excellent updating and reimagining of a classic CRPG, with new story, new systems, and a much-needed update of the UI and graphics. The mysteries of Sucia Island, the thrill of unlocking powerful magics, and the danger around every corner make Mutagen a gripping experience despite its methodical play.

Persona 4 Golden review header



Introduction Persona 4 Golden came to PC last June with some small tweaks, and it presents itself as one of ...

Fairy Knight

Fairy Knights – Review


Fairy Knights is a traditional roleplaying game with puzzle-based combat. The kingdom of Vadelle is cursed by a Devil that ...

Fantasy General II

Fantasy General II: Invasion – Review


My forces on the battlefield are divided in half… They have been since we arrived at this cursed swamp. Some ...

To Battle Lets Play

To Battle! Hell’s Crusade – Review


To Battle! Hell’s Crusade is defined by the developers as “a classic, old-school, turn-based battle in a satirical medieval world.” ...

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