The Longest Five Minutes Review

The Longest Five Minutes – Review

Note: Screenshots are taken while playing in Japanese. All screenshots will be translated or be described. Naturally, the game is available to play in English by just changing the settings in the main...

8 Great

King’s Bounty II – Review

Just about any veteran strategy gamer out there will be able to tell you about their experience with the King’s Bounty series. I first jumped into it with King’s Bounty: The Legend but its...

7 Good
Combat Mission Black Sea

Combat Mission Black Sea – Review

A hybrid of turn based and real time strategy, players plotted the movement of squads of infantry and individual vehicles in battles ranging from small scale skirmishes all the way up to sprawling cit...

7 Good
Arkham Horror: Mother's Embrace

Arkham Horror: Mother’s Embrace – Review

What to expect Lovecraftian-themed story and setting. Murder mystery plot. Amazing narration. Adventure-style exploration and investigation. Limited turn-based combat. Sanity and Mythos mechanics. Env...

8 Great
Conqueror 940 AD

Conqueror 940 AD – Review

“Just one more turn” is usually the sign of a classic turn-based strategy game. From the likes of Civilisation to Championship Manager, the classics all aspire to push you to keep playing the gam...

5 Average
Rogue State Revolution

Rogue State Revolution – Review

Waking up on inauguration day, you face a considerable crisis. Your country, the little-known nation of Basenji is a war-torn wreck, with a battered infrastructure, deep ethnic and religious divi...

7 Good
Black Legend RPG

Black Legend – Review

Black Legend, by Warcave, is a turn-based tactical RPG set in a 17th century city reminiscent of those in the Low Countries of Northwestern Europe. A mysterious, since vanished character, known as Mep...

5 Average
Until The Last Plane

Until The Last Plane – Review

The pixel graphics craze shows no sign of abatement as a whole generation of gamers yearn for the days of simpler games with 2d graphics, limited save slots that were less demanding on your time, thou...

7 Good
Urtuk: The desolation Pc Game

Urtuk: The Desolation – Review

There’s something of the masochist streak that runs through most wargamers.  Can you imagine anything more painful to endure that the destruction of your elite phalanx of hoplites, the loss of a ...

7.5 Good
Kitty Tactics Pc Game

Kitty Tactics – Review

When I was a child, my grandfather insisted that animals could not be intelligent. They couldn’t really make meaningful decisions and their feelings, no matter how they seemed, weren’t worthy of our s...

7.5 Good

Geneforge 1 – Mutagen Review

Mutagen is an excellent updating and reimagining of a classic CRPG, with new story, new systems, and a much-needed update of the UI and graphics. The mysteries of Sucia Island, the thrill of unlocking...

9 Amazing
Gem Wizards Tactics

Gem Wizards Tactics – Review

Overview/Intro Gem Wizards Tactics is a turn-based strategy game published and developed by Keith Burgun Games. It releases on steam on February 16, 2021. Gem Wizards Tactics or GWT is a hexagonal, tu...

8 Great
Curious Expedition 2

Curious Expedition 2 – Review

Curious Expedition 2, by Maschinen-Mensch, is a sequel to the 2016 roguelite exploration simulator Curious Expedition. In it you play one of several explorers searching newly revealed islands for the ...

8.5 Great
Field Of Glory II Medieval

Field Of Glory II: Medieval – Review

Byzantine Games have followed up the excellent Field of Glory 2 with a self-contained DLC/sequel, moving the setting to the early medieval period and away from ancient warfare.  The Romans and Gr...

8 Great
Himeko Sutori

Himeko Sutori – Review

Himeko Sutori by Rockwell Studios LLC is a tactical turn-based RPG where the player combines an ever expanding roster of characters into units that fight it out on hexagonal battlefields. The story ce...

6.5 Fair
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