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Weeklong Deals October 12, 2022

Marcello TBL

I skipped the Weeklong Deals last week because I was busy with the October Steam Next Fest. But now, here ...

Star Dynasties

Star Dynasties – Review


Picture the scene: It's tense at the royal court as the heir, a rebellious hellraiser barely eighteen, is brought before his father, the duke. A member of the court reads out the list of allegations against the young noble, who's expected to take charge of the ailing kingdom one day. The duke sits and listens in pained silence before ordering the punishment: a sentence of manual labor.

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Top 5 Favourite Turn-Based Games of 2021 – VeryLowKi Picks


Another year has gone by and 2021 was a fine year for new games and I’ve been asked to jot down my own list of my top 5 turn-based games. I thought this sounded like fun so here we go!


Top 5 Turn-Based RPGs & Strategy Games of 2021 – Amwald’s picks


It's been a pretty good year for games, altogether. Sure, there were some high-profile disasters that made headlines in gaming media - the GTA fiasco, the advent of NFTs, Activision Blizzard - but those of us who just want to chill and enjoy turn-based games have a lot to be happy about. A few titles, in particular, rose above the rest; here are my picks for the best turn-based games of 2021.