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Weeklong Deals October 12, 2022

Written by Marcello TBL

Black Legend RPG

I skipped the Weeklong Deals last week because I was busy with the October Steam Next Fest. But now, here I am listing some of the best turn-based games with major discounts you can get this week. Let’s go

Yes, Your Grace

Yes, Your Grace by Brave At Night is more a strategic simulator than a turn-based game, where players will have to impersonate a ruler and guide his choices in the management of the empire. By empire management, we mean everything from resource management, diplomacy with the various lords of the kingdom, choosing generals and caring for family members. The reviews on Steam are very positive and the 60% discounted price makes it a great deal.

Virgo Versus The Zodiac

I don’t remember if it was already featured in previous Steam Weeklong Deals, in any case Virgo Versus The Zodiac by solo indie dev Moonana is a turn-based RPG where players play as Virgo, a goddess who is able to “cleanse” the zodiac by dethroning all the impure.

An adventure with inspired pixel graphics and a turn-based combat system with timed mechanics where players will have to press the right buttons at the right time. Currently 50% off

Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

Here is one of the best Real-Time-With-Pause CRPGs of recent times that, with one of the latest updates released, has introduced the possibility of playing in turn-based mode. I’m talking about Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire. The Obsidian Entertainment RPG takes the player to the Deadfire archipelago to chase a rogue God.

Countless hours of gameplay are filled with quests to complete and mysteries to unravel in this pirate RPG. Currently discounted at 75%.

Star Dynasties

For lovers of strategic management, there is Star Dynasties by Pawley Games. Released in 2021, Star Dynasties puts players at the center of space feudal wars following the tragic destruction of planet earth. Not only economic management, but players will also have to take care of their own house, manage diplomacy, delve into political intrigues, and much more. Currently 40% off

Shadow Empire

One of the best management strategies of recent times. Shadow Empire by VR Designs is a 4X strategy game to which fairly deep RPG elements must be added. Surely a game not suitable for novices of the genre, just think that there is a manual that explains all the dynamics of the title, and it is almost mandatory to read it.

In any case, in Shadow Empire, players will find everything that is to be expected from a 4X strategy and much more. Currently 35% off

Black Legend

Black Legend by Warcave is a tactical turn-based strategy set in a dark fantasy world where players will have to fight a cult made up of fanatics. The title features a tactical combat system with a potion creation system and different classes with different equipment and skills.

Although graphically inspired, the title suffers from some repetitiveness problems but lovers of turn-based tactics will in any case appreciate it also given the 50% discount.

Stars in Shadow

Stars in Shadow by Ashdar Games is a 2017 4x Sci-Fi strategy game that offers a solid experience to players who must compete against alien factions by developing new technologies, building fleets, and fighting or negotiating to reach the goal. Seven playable factions across four technologically eras and turn-based tactical starship battles. 80% off

The Hand of Merlin

The Hand of Merlin by Room-C Games & Croteam is fresh air in turn-based roguelite RPG. A sci-fi and dark version of the Arthurian legend where players will guide and recruit new heroes across node-based maps, facing enemies and cosmic monsters.

By completing a run, players will unlock stuff as it happens in roguelites and the turn-based combat system is enthralling and fun, giving the overall experience a nice twist. 40 % off.

All Walls Must Fall – A Tech-Noir Tactics Game

All Walls Must Fall by inbetweengames imagine a world where the cold war never ended. The isometric RPG features a hybrid real-time- turn-based tactics system, procedurally generated levels, destructible environments, and a unique graphic style. Now 80% off

Monster Sanctuary

Monster Sanctuary by moi rai games is for sure one of the best turn-based games of 2020. In the game, players will guide a summoner across a 2d platform world using the out-of-battle monster’s skills, while when in battle, the game features a solid and classic 3 vs 3 turn-based combat with strengthens and weaknesses mechanics.

Lots of DLC was released along the way, which makes Monster Sanctuary a game to try. 66% Off.


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