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Fire Emblem Engage

5 RPG Series with Independent Stories That You Can Play in Any Order

Charlie Norris

As an avid gamer, I’ve played countless RPGs throughout my life. However, there are still some games and series that ...

Best Indie Turn-Based RPGs and Strategies of 2023

What to Play Next | 10 NEW Indie RPGs & Strategies to Play in 2023

Marcello TBL

In recent years, indie game developers have produced some genuinely outstanding turn-based games. From tactical RPGs to strategy games, these ...

Best Mecha Turn-Based RPGs you should play in 2023

Best Mech Turn-Based RPGs you should play in 2023

Marcello TBL

Looking for RPGs and Strategy Games that put Mechs, Mechas, or Robots in the spotlight? You’ve come to the right ...

Best Turn-Based RPGs and JRPGs of 2023 so Far

Best Turn-Based RPGs & JRPGs of 2023 Released so Far

Marcello TBL

For those who crave the strategic depth and intense immersion that only turn-based RPGs can offer, 2023 has already brought ...

Top 10 RPG Announcements April 2023

Top 10 NEW Turn-Based RPG Announcements | KAEOI60

Marcello TBL

Welcome to a brand new episode of Keep an Eye on It, where you’ll find a comprehensive rundown of the ...


April 2023: Top Turn-Based RPG Releases

Marcello TBL

Spring has truly arrived here in Italy, with longer days and a warmer breeze in the air. It’s my favorite ...

10 Exciting Turn-Based RPG Announcements | KAEOI59

Marcello TBL

Welcome to the 59th episode of Keep an eye on It, where we bring you the latest announcements on upcoming ...

10 New RPGs Announced Lately

10 New Turn-Based RPGs Announcements | KAEOI58

Marcello TBL

Welcome to the 58th edition of “Keep An Eye On It,” where we bring you the latest announcements on the ...

Top Turn-Based Tactical RPGs of 2023

Top 30 Upcoming Tactical RPGs of 2023 – Part 3

Marcello TBL

Welcome to part 3 of our series dedicated to the top 30 Most Anticipated Tactical Turn-Based RPGs of 2023. In ...

Sea of Stars

10 Switch Games to Look Forward to in 2023

Charlie Norris

How the time has flown. It felt like the new year had just started, and now look, we are at ...