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Top 15 Indie Tactical RPGs To Look Forward to in 2024

Written by Marcello TBL

Top 15 Indie Tactical RPGs of 2024

The upcoming months promise to be replete with thrilling releases in the realm of turn-based RPGs at large. Today, however, I’d like to shine a spotlight on the indie projects where tactical combat forms the foundation of the gameplay.

In the sphere of turn-based tactical RPGs, the first quarter of 2024 has already unveiled several noteworthy jewels. Take, for instance, Kingsvein (crafted by the creators of Horizon’s Gate, Alvora Tactics, and Voidspire Tactics), Archaelund—an exceptionally intriguing RPG that blends first-person exploration with tactical combat from an isometric viewpoint—and Crown Wars, a highly innovative tactical strategy game set to launch in the coming days.

But now it’s time to broaden our gaze and explore some of the most captivating PC indie projects slated for release later this year. You’d be wise to earmark these tactical RPGs for your wishlist. Let’s dive in.

C.A.R.D.S. RPG: The Misty Battlefield

C.A.R.D.S RPG: The Misty Battlefield is a cross between Fire Emblem and Slay The Spire, combining a character-driven anime war story with tactical depth on two fronts. While merging two genres – indeed, even these two particular genres – is nothing new, The Misty Battlefield looks to be a game that does so with equal parts style and heart.

Cards Tactical RPG

The free demo is well worth a play for interested players, and there isn’t that long to wait until launch; C.A.R.D.S RPG is currently scheduled to release on 22 May.

Wishlist C.A.R.D.S. RPG: The Misty Battlefield on Steam

Broken Roads

The much-anticipated Broken Roads, an indie CRPG that takes Fallout or Wasteland-style gameplay and transports it to a post-apocalyptic Australian Outback, was initially supposed to launch in November but was delayed. While there’s still no official release date, anyone who’s had their eye on Broken Roads is going to be eager to play this philosophical epic.

Gameplay CRPG

The game’s most hyped feature is its unique morality system, which gives characters a much broader perspective than simply good or evil. No doubt the combat, characters, and story will leave just as much of an impression on players when the time comes.

Wishlist Broken Roads on Steam

Wishlist Broken Roads on Epic

Wishlist Broken Roads on GOG

Wishlist Broken Roads on PlayStation

Wishlist Broken Roads on XBox

SKALD: Against The Black Priory

SKALD might have the appearance of a classic CRPG from the early ’90s, but the gameplay and story feel firmly modern. With cosmic horrors and gruesome deaths awaiting your party of heroes, this is the kind of dark fantasy adventure that would have been a classic back in the day.


Whether you’re longing for the glory days or taking a retro journey for the first time, SKALD offers challenging tactical battles and foreboding environments to explore. It should launch sometime this spring, and a free demo is available to try right now.

WIshlist SKALD: Against The Black Priory on Steam

Wishlist SKALD: Against The Black Priory on GOG

Zodiac Legion

We’ve all played hex-based combat games, but Zodiac Legion feels a bit different. It somehow manages to blend Diablo with Heroes of Might and Magic, creating an experience that’s part dungeon crawl, part tactical RPG.

Zodiac Legion RPG
Zodiac Legion

Leading the titular order of knights, you’ll recruit and train twelve mighty heroes ready to face the growing dangers of a changing world. The demo will give you an idea of what the game is like, but there are likely to be plenty of changes in the future; Zodiac Legion is scheduled to enter Early Access toward the end of 2024.

Wishlist Zodiac Legion on Steam

Sword of Convallaria

If you’re a fan of Final Fantasy Tactics or Tactics Ogre, then Sword of Convallaria is definitely a game you’ll want to check out in 2024. With bright, colorful environments and beautiful character art, its visuals alone are enough to draw players in.

Sword of Convallaria Gameplay

Not only is there a demo available, but Sword of Convallaria is also listed as free-to-play. There will surely be in-game purchases for monetization, but with the price of entry set at zero there’s no reason not to try the game!

Wishlist Sword of Convallaria on Steam

Project Haven

Project Haven could be the next surprise hit for tactical strategy fans. Leading a team of mercenaries in a dystopian near-future city, you’ll select which jobs you take and how to outfit your crew.

Project Haven

Project Haven has both story missions and a skirmish mode, which is great if you’re just looking for a one-and-done battle. The fights themselves include realistic projectile physics and hit locations, adding a degree of realism to a genre that typically relies on abstractions.

Wishlist Project Haven on Steam


If Marvel’s Midnight Suns left you wanting more super-powered grid battles, then Capes should definitely be your next stop. Featuring a team of original heroes fighting to liberate a city from supervillain tyranny, this game looks and feels like the best kind of indie comic.

Capes RPG Turn-Based

Like all the best superheroes, the playable characters in Capes are at their best when they team up. Building your squad will challenge you to select not just for individual powers, but for how they work together as a whole. If the demo is any indication, Capes will be one to watch when it launches later this year.

Wishlist Capes on Steam

Hexxen: Hunters

Hexxen: Hunters is a tactical RPG that evokes Darkest Dungeon and Bloodborne; if you’re looking for some grimdark fantasy to while away the hours, look no further. Each of the eight available party members is highly specialized, so picking the right Hunter for the job is essential.

Hexxen Hunters Screen

Not only will you train and upgrade your team, but you’ll also be in charge of a small village, your bastion against the darkness enveloping the world. You can even ally with one of the cults, if you’re willing to risk using the power of evil for the greater good.

Wishlist Hexxen: Hunters on Steam

Wishlist Hexxen: Hunters on Epic

Prelude Dark Pain

Speaking of dark and dismal fantasy, Prelude Dark Pain is an upcoming indie title that looks to have desperate grid-based battles against insurmountable odds. The game’s deep worldbuilding culminates in the rise of Soren, a humble blacksmith who becomes a revolutionary leader.

Prelude Dark Pain

Like Hexxen, Prelude Dark Pain has a similar visual style to Darkest Dungeon, perhaps even more so thanks to its thick outlines and puppet animations. Players who like more than just fighting battles should have a look at this one, since you’ll be leading a rebellion between fights; forging alliances, setting goals, and managing resources.

Wishlist Prelude Dark Pain on Steam


Arco has a charming pixelated style and clever turn-based mechanics that make it unique. Following the story of four different heroes, you’ll resist an invasion by the Red Company, intent on stealing your homeland.


With its plan-and-execute battles and lovely environments, Arco is the kind of game that you need to try if you want to get the full picture of what it is. Thankfully, there’s a demo to play while we wait for the game’s 2024 release.

Wishlilst Arco on Steam

Kriegsfront Tactics

Alternate-history sci-fi often asks how human conflicts might have looked if they’d had access to advanced technology. With thick jungles and napalm-fueled infernos, Kriegsfront Tactics portrays a Vietnam-like war… with mechs.

Kriegsfront Tactics

The demo shows off the game’s potential for cinematic moments during battle, as well as the potential for emergent storylines as your mech pilots fight to survive. The release date is yet to be announced, but this will be a title for mecha fans to keep an eye on.

Wishlist Kriegsfront Tactics on Steam

Those Who Rule

If you wish that Fire Emblem had less clear-cut heroes and villains, Those Who Rule could have just what you need. It uses a hex grid where teamwork and positioning are key, and you’ll need to constantly train and level your troops to stay ahead of the game.

Those Who Rule

Those Who Rule portrays a world that’s morally ambiguous, so choosing your friends (or your enemies) might come down to pragmatism more than anything else. The game isn’t expected to release until the end of 2024, so for now the demo is the best way to try it.

Wishlist Those Who Rule on Steam

Urban Strife

Urban Strife is classic zombie survival, straight out of World War Z or The Walking Dead. Starting with only a single survivor, you’ll slowly build up a shelter and recruit more people as you reclaim the world from the undead one block at a time.

Urban Strife Tactical RPG

Urban Strife’s big selling point is its ballistics-based combat, which uses realistic trajectories for weapons like shotguns. Choosing the right weapon for the job has never been more important when the dead are closing in!

Wishlist Urban Strife on Steam

Dream Tactics

Dream Tactics is a love letter to the GBA era of Fire Emblem and Advance Wars, with a surreal fantasy world all its own. In addition to the usual positioning and use of area attacks to win battles, Dream Tactics also includes a hand of cards. You get a limited number of redraws, giving you some control over the options available to you.

Dream Tactics

Tactical games typically can’t be defined as “cozy,” but if ever one did meet that description it would be Dream Tactics. There’s not long to wait, either, as it’s scheduled to launch on 15 April.

Wishlist Dream Tactics on Steam

The White Raven

There are tons of games inspired by Fire Emblem, and The White Raven could end up being one of the best around. It’s already shown off its gorgeous pixel art and character illustrations, and promises to have challenging tactical combat to keep players thinking.

The White Raven

With a story that changes based on player choices and the ability to befriend, romance, or even develop a rivalry with party members, The White Raven has a ton of potential. There’s no release date listed yet, but hopefully we’ll get to try this ambitious indie title this year.

Wishlist The White Raven on Steam


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