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Guide The Undead Ninth Legion in Tactical Turn-Based RPG King Arthur: Legion IX – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

King Arthur Legion IX Overview

Invade Avalon as Gaius Julius Mento and Restore the Roman Colony Nova Roma

King Arthur: Legion IX, developed by NeocoreGames, is a new turn-based tactical RPG set in the darkly reimagined Arthurian myth of the King Arthur: Knight’s Tale universe. It distinguishes itself by centering on character-driven narratives and tactical gameplay, offering a unique blend of traditional RPG elements with sophisticated tactical combat.

King Arthur Legion IX

Players step into the mythical land of Avalon, taking control of Gaius Julius Mento, the tribune of the undead Ninth Legion, introduced to a new audience with an enthralling storyline while providing seasoned players with challenging gameplay. The game focuses on its turn-based mechanics, where positioning, the use of cover, traps, and the strategic employment of heroes’ abilities play pivotal roles in the outcome of battles.

This hybrid game focuses on deep tactical engagements, moral choices, hero management, and the reconstruction of the Roman colony, Nova Roma, in Avalon. It stands out for its innovative integration of tactical warfare and RPG storytelling, where every decision impacts the narrative and gameplay.

King Arthur Legion IX Gameplay

The game’s plot is richly woven into the fabric of Avalon’s mystical setting, where the notorious Ninth Legion, led by the fallen hero Gaius Julius Mento, aims to conquer Avalon under the guise of establishing Eternal Rome. Players navigate through a campaign filled with formidable enemies, including nightmarish monsters, Pict tribes, the monstrous Fomorians, and the cunning Sídhe.

The narrative delves into themes of power, redemption, and humanity, as players face the dilemma of embracing demonic strength or restoring their humanity. This story is set against the backdrop of a studio known for its dark fantasy narratives and high-quality graphical representations, promising players a visually captivating and emotionally engaging experience.

King Arthur: Legion IX is a stand-alone expansion that deepens the King Arthur universe, offering new lore and characters and a fresh perspective on the legendary tale of chivalry, magic, and conquest. It is set for a PC release during Q2 2024. Below is an overview of the game via Steam, some screens, and a trailer.


King Arthur: Legion IX is a turn-based, character-centric tactical RPG in the King Arthur: Knight’s Tale universe – a dark fantasy version of the Arthurian myth. King Arthur: Legion IX welcomes new players to the mythical land of Avalon with an all-new story and heroes, also offering tough challenges to returning veterans.

A new threat looms over Avalon as the long-lost, infamous Ninth Legion of Rome has set foot on the mythical island. Their commander, the fallen hero, Gaius Julius Mento was granted a demonic legion by their dead emperor, Septimus Sulla to find a way out of Tartarus. But when they accidentally arrive to the magical realm of the Lady of the Lake, Gaius Julius Mento decides to subjugate the island and establish Eternal Rome there. First, however, he must gather his lost legion…

Play through a Roman-themed campaign as Gaius Julius Mento, a tribune of the undead Ninth Legion, as he discovers Avalon. Battle the monsters of nightmares, challenge the Pict tribes, the monstrous Fomorians and the cunning Sídhe. Experience the might of the Old Faith and Christianity and face the knights of Sir Mordred’s Round Table through 15 handcrafted missions.

Find, rebuild and protect the remains of the only Roman colony in Avalon and choose your path to victory. By the end of the campaign, you’ll have to choose: do you want to become a powerful demon, or will you reject the might of Emperor Sulla and restore your humanity?

A Role-playing Tactical Adventure

Experience a unique hybrid between turn-based tactical games and traditional, character-centric RPGs. Manage and control a party of 5-6 heroes to explore and conquer the land of Avalon. Engage in deep tactical combat, tough moral choices, hero management, and the rebuilding of Nova Roma.

Prove your Worth as a Tactician

Every little move and every decision matters. Use covers, traps, flanking and an in-depth overwatch and opportunity system and turn the entire battlefield to your advantage like a master tactician. Sometimes meticulous planning, sometimes charging simply to combat will be the key to victory. The only difference between a successful or a failed quest may depend on the composition of your party only!

Heroes Straight from the Abyss

Legion IX introduces six unique heroes who have risen from the Abyss to conquer the mythical land of Avalon. Level up, gain skill points and unlock unique skill trees. Loot, equip and craft hundreds of artefacts and create the deadliest fighting force that has ever set foot on Avalon.

Wide variety of Abilities

Use unique skills, Ultimate Skills and World Abilities to overcome the toughest challenges during your quests in Avalon. Take risks and explore various tactical options as heroes don’t face permanent death at the end of the missions. Test your skills in different difficulty modes, from laid-back storytelling to brutal, unforgiving battles.

Not Built in a Day

Build up and expand the city of Nova Roma. Make sure that your stronghold has the right facilities for your heroes that prepare them for different quests. But beware! Resources are scarce and you have to manage Nova Roma thoughtfully to keep it afloat.

Regain your Humanity

Your decisions have far-reaching consequences, influencing both gameplay and narrative. Through your actions, Gaius will either restore his humanity, or forever be transformed into a demon.


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