Guide More than 55 Heroes in Tactical RPG Prelude Dark Pain – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Prelude Dark Pain Overview

As I mentioned in recent days, I’m eager to highlight numerous games, specifically those RPG titles that personally captivate me. These games feature fascinating mechanics, promising prospects, or, more often than not, an exceptionally inspired graphical concept.

Today, I’m focusing on a tactical RPG characterized by a dark theme that might remind one of Darkest Dungeon, which lets players guide more than 55 heroes. The game in question is Prelude Dark Pain, marking the inaugural project from Quickfire Games, an indie studio based in Spain comprising a team of seasoned developers.

Prelude Dark Pain

A Young Blacksmith and an Ancient Evil

Prelude Dark Pain immerses players in a rich, intricate universe teetering on the brink of destruction, where the lines between light and darkness are perilously thin. In this high-stakes role-playing game, players assume the role of Soren, a young blacksmith from the free peoples, tasked with restoring balance to a reality besieged by ancient evil.

The game distinguishes itself through its deep customization options and strategic combat. Players can collect over 55 heroes, each with unique skills and backgrounds, to join their cause, further enriched by the opportunity to recruit more than 10 secret characters by engaging in both main and secondary storylines.

The strategic depth is further expanded through a dual-talent tree system, specializations, and over 10 distinct roles for each character, allowing for intricate combo and battle tactics that leverage each hero’s unique abilities and interactions.

Prelude Dark Pain

Narrative & Storyline

The narrative of Prelude Dark Pain unfolds in the decaying coastal town of Moose Horn, situated on the edge of the expansive island of Ann Arbor. This setting, characterized by its swamps and isolation, serves as the backdrop for a complex, non-linear storyline that spans millennia and intertwines various realities. The game’s world-building is meticulous, offering players an open world to explore, filled with diverse peoples, cultures, and over 120 enemies.

The storyline’s depth is matched by its graphical fidelity and the development studio’s commitment to creating an immersive experience. Players’ decisions carry significant weight, influencing the unfolding story in real-time and contributing to a dynamic adventure that encourages exploration and interaction with the game’s rich lore.

Prelude Dark Pain is likely to be released on PC by the end of 2024. As usual, the Steam page, screens, and trailer provide an overview of the game.


PRELUDE DARK PAIN is a TACTICAL RPG set in a dark fantasy world where you will become one of a group of heroes, determined to save reality from the evil that has afflicted it for generations. More than 50 playable heroes, each with three talent branches and 24 selectable skills.

Design your squad and manage both your resources and your squad of heroes in and out of battle. Set external missions, with their own mechanics, where you can send groups of 1 to 3 heroes on escort missions, search for resources, diplomacy, espionage or defense work. Many of your heroes have unique abilities focused on raids, making them special and valuable inside and outside the battle lines. You will have to manage a settlement, grow it, and expand your control and resources of the different maps as another playable part of your adventure.

With a complex non-linear open-world, the plot will lead you to unravel an incredible story that has been unfolding for thousands of years and involves the different realities of a destroyed world. You will feel the real weight of your decisions that will change the story that is being told in front of you, accompanied by a countdown that will take you to complete the adventure unifying more than 20 peoples (nations?) and cultures, 8 different playable species among all the realities and more than 120 different enemies in this exciting adventure.


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