Turn-Based RPGs and Roguelites to Play in February 2024

Written by Marcello TBL

Best RPG Releases of February 2024

Here I am!! And I would say, finally!!

Guys, work is unfortunately devastating for me; the time to dedicate to the project is really little. I even struggle to dedicate time to my family so I think I need to start reviewing something.

In any case, I don’t want to bore you with my life, but I want to celebrate the 30000 subscribers of the YouTube channel, and what better way than by looking together at what I think are the most relevant titles of the month of February? A month not very rich in terms of quantity but certainly generous in terms of quality. It’s true that an RPG that I am eagerly awaiting, namely The Thaumaturge, has been postponed to the early days of March, but we can still say that there is no lack of choice this month.

Let’s start immediately with the best RPGs coming out in February 2024


February 1st


February opens up with the very stylish and inspired tabletop RPG Moonbreaker, which was released in early access in September 2022 and is now finally available in its complete form. I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried it yet, but what has always inspired me is the attention to detail of the characters.

The game is a PVP or PVE skirmisher where you can clash against humans or try to beat the AI (and these days, I don’t think it’s a piece of cake to do it)


February 1st


Another Deckbuilding….ok, wait, even this one is not trivial and deserves your attention. Hellcard, recently released from early access, is a very interesting cooperative rogue-lite where players will find themselves facing a sea of monsters launching powerful area-of-effect spells. The title is stylish, and although it presents a single-player mode, it gives its best in the cooperative one.

Persona 3 Reload

February 2nd

Persona 3

The heavy artillery of February is here. Persona 3 Reload. The super-optimized and content-rich remake of the third chapter of one of the most important RPG series in the history of video games. There is a rare chance that there is still someone on the face of the earth who has never played a title in the series and perhaps this is a great opportunity for them to discover this masterpiece, assuming there is someone who has never played this title.

Pixel Noir

February 8th

Pixel Noir Old-School RPG

I have been following it for a long time, precisely since 2019, the year in which I published an overview of the game and interviewed the developer. Then, without too much fanfare, the 1.0 version of Pixel Noir arrived. A very interesting investigative JRPG that mixes noir atmospheres with fantasy ones with my much-loved pixel graphics.

Classic fights, very interesting characters, searching for evidence to solve cases, and delicious pixel graphics, but I had already said that!


February 12th

SpellRogue Deckbuilding

Much loved but also much hated. This is the fate that awaits deckbuildings. Today, however, I point out Spellrogue, which is, yes, a deckbuilding but goes a bit beyond the usual formula, offering gameplay where the player must wisely use dice to cast powerful spells.

The title captured me for the graphic style, and I plan to try it as soon as possible, hoping that the developer reads this article and decides out of the goodness of his heart to send me a game key. In early access.

Clash II

February 15th

Clash II

Honestly, I don’t understand why a title like Clash II has gone a bit off the radar. The graphics are there, the Heroes Of Might And Magic mechanics are there too, and so far, mostly positive reviews are the welcome ticket for this tactical strategy game. This is a title that clearly states its intentions, namely to offer a new HOMM experience including all the best features of the genre.


February 19th


As I told you at the beginning, I’m really swamped with work, and this often leads me to avoid “too long” games, preferring roguelites instead. That’s exactly why I recently tried Firefrost, a very interesting mix of puzzle and roguelike where you have to make your way through mini-grid maps by melting snow and enemies with your trusty flamethrower, which can be upgraded along the way to open up new tactical scenarios. Relaxing and fun at the same time.

Empires Shall Fall

February 19th

Empires Shall Fall Games Like Advance Wars 2021

I don’t want to pat myself on the back, but Empires Shall Fall also passed through my hands a while ago, and seeing its release made me very happy. It is a very interesting and well-made strategy game inspired by Advance Wars. You buy it, install it, and have a lot of fun, especially if you love this game. Period.

SCP: The Expedition

February 22nd

SCP: The Expedition

On the 22nd comes early access to a new tactical RPG called SCP: The Expedition, set in North Canada. Players will lead a team of soldiers as they look for lost scientists and uncover dark secrets. Grid-based maps, tactical combats, different soldiers’ classes, and a suspense touch that I personally love.

Solium Infernum

February 22nd

Solium Infernum

It is one of the most anticipated games of February for me. Solium Infernum. A 4X strategy game set in a very hot place (which is not Massa Lubrense in August) full of demons, horrors, dark rituals, subterfuge, and betrayals, where you fight for the throne of hell. The game offers a fun multiplayer version where you can ally with your friends and backstab them at the right moment just to be as hellish as possible.

Tamarak Trail

February 29th

Tamarak Trail Gameplay

We wrap up with Tamarak Trail, an exceptionally creative deck-building game where players have the opportunity to select from a variety of characters, each endowed with unique traits, ready to tackle the challenges presented by the corrupted forest.

To navigate these daunting horrors, players must strategically utilize and tailor their dice, crafting an optimal equilibrium between offense and defense. The game boasts an appealing graphic style and a wealth of items to uncover.

These are the best turn-based games I have chosen for February. I am very happy to have managed to write a new article after a long time, and I can’t wait to hear your suggestions for this month. I remind you that here, you find an article that I try to keep updated with all the releases of 2024, take a look from time to time.

Now, I just have to say goodbye and remind you of the important links: our Twitter channel, the Discord channel, where you can find many lovers of the genre and many developers to talk to, and finally, the YouTube channel that has recently surpassed 30000 subscribers and where you can find the video version of this article.


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