Dead Age 2 announced!


It’s official, the survival zombie-based RPG “Dead Age” will have soon a sequel.Just few days ago, Silent Dreams, the developers ...

Fort Triumph Rpg

Fort Triumph – Release Date Announced!


Finally it’s arriving!We talked about Fort Triumph in many occasions and I tried an early version of the game a ...

Multiplayer Pc Turn-Based Games

Top PC Multiplayer/Competitive Turn-Based Strategy/RPG Games | Part 1

Marcello TBL

At the moment, as I write this article, we are in a full coronavirus emergency. Here in Italy as gradually ...

Edge Of Eternity – Prologue Gameplay Walkthrough

Marcello TBL

The first hour of gameplay of one of the most promising JRPG available for PC. Let’s talk about Edge of ...

Dread Nautical

Dread Nautical – Will arrive on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Epic Game Store

Marcello TBL

Zen Studios is excited to announce that their horror-themed, strategy RPG is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, ...

Broken Lines – First 2 missions Gameplay Walkthrough

Marcello TBL

Watch us getting through the first 2 missions of this original turn-based & real-time game. Broken Lines by PortaPlay is ...

Sea of Stars

Sea of Stars – Announcement

Marcello TBL

From The Messenger developers arrive a new turn-based RPG set in the same world of their previous game. Sabotage Studios ...

Top JRPGs you can play on your PC – Video

Marcello TBL

After having been asked for a list with the best RPGs currently on PC, I prepared this one with some ...

Sentinels of Freedom – First 30 minutes Gameplay

Marcello TBL

The world of superheroes fascinates me; therefore, to find a game that combines turn-based combat and men and women with ...

Tactical Breach Wizards – Beta Gameplay

Marcello TBL

I was lucky enough to participate in a closed beta version of the brand new strategic puzzle game by the ...