Spaceland – Gameplay First-Look

Written by Marcello TBL


For those of you who still didn’t play it yet, here is our First-Look of Spaceland by Tortuga Team (Developers behind Braveland series) excellent turn-based tactics game where we guide a group of soldiers through dynamic missions. Let me know what you think about Spaceland in the comments below.


Incredibly dynamic turn-based strategy, reviving the traditions of the old school tactics. Lead a team of the most desperate fighters, destroy alien monsters, and uncover the secrets of the lost planet.


  • The game is inspired by the best turn-based strategies of the old school
  • Incubation, Laser Squad and more – A unique blend of dynamic turn-based battles lasting 10-15 minutes
  • Make a squad from 7 space rangers, each with a unique fighting style
  • The story of the mysterious planet in the spirit of the «golden age» of science fiction
  • Colorful hand-drawn map of the game world
  • Assault rifles, machine guns, plasma guns, grenade launchers as well as and many other primary and secondary equipment to enhance your fighters
  • 20 different types of fierce enemies: from alien critters to vile monsters
  • Upgradable futuristic equipment, giving your fighters new special abilities
  • Rich dialogues between your team members, revealing unexpected plot details
  • Colorful special effects that transform a turn-based battle into an exciting action
  • And, of course, the party headliners
  • Treacherous bosses at the end of each story chapter

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