Wandering Sword PC

We tried the Martial-Arts RPG Wandering Sword

Marcello TBL

Wandering Sword is a Martial-Arts RPG that features stunning pixel art to depict an expansive open world, including ancient Chinese ...

Songs of Conquest

News and Releases of the Last Week | January 29, 2023

Marcello TBL

Welcome to our latest roundup of the best news and releases in the world of turn-based RPGs and strategy games. ...

Skald Against The Black Priory

The updated demo for SKALD: Against The Black Priory

Marcello TBL

SKALD: Against The Black Priory is definitely one of the most interesting games in the indie scene. It’s a retro-style ...

Top News of the Last Week

Top RPG and Strategy Games News and Releases of the Last Week

Marcello TBL

The usual weekly recap video with announcements, news and releases of the last week.


Journey to the Center of the earth with Netherguild

Marcello TBL

I just played the latest demo build available on Steam of Netherguild by indie dev David Vinokurov. A Turn-Based Tactics ...

Alchemia Creatio

Alchemia: Creatio Ex Nihilo – Video Gameplay

Marcello TBL

An interesting take on the rogue-lite formula the one done by Alchemia: Creatio Ex Nihilo developed by Space Paca Games ...

Celestial Project

Fight against an alien threat in Celestial Project – Gameplay First-Look

Marcello TBL

A new Tactics Turn-Based RPG from Indie Dev KumaPaw. Celestial Project is a PC tactical game where players guide a special operations forces against an alien threat. Some inspirations from XCOM and Into the Breach and battles that happen on square grid maps. Celestial Project is already available on Steam.

Reptilian Rising

Famous characters against the Reptilian Invasion in “Reptilian Rising”

Marcello TBL

Reptilian Rising by Gregarious Games & Robot Circus is a unique digital tabletop experience where players must guide a cast of superheroes coming from different eras against the Reptilian menace. Characters like Einstein, Cleopatra and Caesar will find themself working together to stop the enemies by completing tasks on 80s-style tabletop square-grid maps.

Ash of Gods The Way

Tactical Story-Driven Ash of Gods: The Way Gameplay First Look

Marcello TBL

We had a first look at Ash of Gods: The Way by indie dev AurumDust. The new installment in the Ash of Gods series. A Turn-Based Tactical Card game where players must deploy their soldiers using cards and decide which equipment suits them better. A charming graphic style and fast-paced combat system.

Dead Grid First Look

Dead Grid Survival RPG – Gameplay First Look

Marcello TBL

Dead Grid by ATOM VOID is a Survival Card-Based RPG set in a Zombie Post Apocalyptic world where players must survive, find new allies, scavenge for resources and complete quests. A quite original combat system with the use of cards and a nice exploration system. Dead Grid is a PC Game ready to hit Steam on the 24th of March 2022.