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Battle Brothers - Interview

Battle Brothers – Available on Switch

The base game, and all DLCs available now from the get-go! Here our interview with the devs. UKIYO Publishing and Overhype Studios are proud to announce that its critically acclaimed procedurally-gene...

Battle Brothers Blazing Deserts

Battle Brothers: Blazing Deserts Review

Blazing Deserts is the newest DLC released for the popular tactical turn based role-playing game (RPG) Battle Brothers (BB). Like previous DLC, “Beasts & Exploration” and “Warriors of the North”, ...

10 Perfect
Battle Brothers Blazing Deserts

Battle Brothers – New DLC Blazing Deserts Release date

Overhype Studios announced today that the largest and most ambitious DLC for Battle Brothers is almost ready. ‘Blazing Deserts’, the new DLC for the acclaimed tactical RPG Battle Brothers, will b...

Battle Brothers

Battle Brothers – New DLC

Excited news from Overhype Studios. Their turn-based strategy RPG, Battle Brother, will receive a new update called “A Prophecy Fulfilled”. Actually we don’t know much about its cont...

10 Turns Interview with Battle Brothers developer

10 Turns Interview with Battle Brothers developer

The indie developer could be a risky and tiring job, unfortunately often, a lot of work and passion towards a project are not enough to be repaid for all the hard work. However, since we love these pr...

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