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Adorable Pixelated Tactical RPG Mystical Tactics – Overview

Written by Marcello TBL

Mystical Tactics Overview

Today, I want to introduce the debut game from a solo developer. Mystical Tactics marks the ambitious debut of MormWare, an EU-based solo developer with a passion for software engineering, fantasy works, and strategy games. This game is set to grace Windows PC, Mac, and Linux platforms via Steam in 2024, offering a unique blend of genres by combining turn-based tactical RPG elements with roguelike mechanics.

Players are thrust into a mystical world where they lead a squad of adventurers on a quest to repel the Dark Lord and his legions. Mystical Tactics stands out for its emphasis on rogue-lite gameplay, ensuring that every playthrough offers a new adventure with procedurally generated dungeons, encounters, and challenges.

This unpredictability, paired with the game’s deep character progression system, allows players to customize their heroes across various classes, abilities, and equipment, encouraging experimentation with different builds and synergies to suit individual playstyles.

Mystical Tactics RPG

The Mystical Tactics combat system is designed to engage players in intense turn-based battles that demand strategic positioning, timing, and resource management. The tactical combat emphasizes developing unique strategies to overcome a wide range of formidable foes, from cunning goblins to ancient dragons, highlighting the game’s depth and the need for a thoughtful approach to each encounter.

The inclusion of procedurally generated content ensures that battles remain fresh and challenging, supporting a diverse range of tactics and team compositions. With its combination of tactical combat, deep character progression, and roguelike unpredictability, Mystical Tactics promises a rich and varied gameplay experience.

Mystical Tactics is expected to be released in Q3 2024 on PC via Steam, with a demo available right now. In the meantime, check out the announcement trailer and overview below.


Mystical Tactics is a turn-based tactical-RPG roguelike in which you control a squad of adventurers in a mystical world. Train your heroes in fast-paced tactical battles, equip them with powerful items and lead them to repel the Dark Lord and his legions.

Key features

  • Roguelike Gameplay: Every playthrough is a new adventure, with procedurally generated dungeons, encounters, and challenges.
  • Tactical Combat: Engage in intense turn-based battles where positioning, timing, and resource management are key to survival. Develop unique strategies to overcome formidable foes, from cunning goblins to ancient dragons.
  • Deep Character Progression: Customize your heroes with a wide variety of classes, abilities, and equipment. Experiment with different builds and synergies to find the perfect combination for your playstyle.
  • Unlockables​ and Secrets: Unlock new classes, items, and abilities with every single run. Uncover hidden paths and secret areas to unravel the mysteries of this world.


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