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Top 10 Indie Games - RPG Strategy 2022-2023

Greetings, gamers around the world! Today’s edition of Keep An Eye On It has turn-based games from nearly every genre imaginable – we’ve got fantasy and sci-fi represented by The Worlds Of Aria and Moonbreaker, mythology courtesy of Roots Of Yggdrasil, and some huge historical strategy in The Great War: Western Front. There are even chances for you to bring out your inner superhero in Capes, or play for the villains in Chambers Of Devious Design!

Whichever games you like, remember to Wishlist them to help the devs and show your support. Which games are you most excited for? Be sure to tell us below!

Roots of Yggdrasil

Roots of Yggdrasil

Roots of Yggdrasil is a beautifully stylized roguelike set in the aftermath of Ragnarok, the final battle between the Aesir and the Jotuns in Norse mythology. The gods are dead and the World Tree destroyed, leaving mortal survivors to pick up the pieces.

Player will guide the last Viking clan to build a new settlement in the last pockets of reality. In standard roguelike fashion, each playthrough represents a different fragment of the world left behind after the destruction of Yggdrasil. This game is an exciting take on classic tales, and a roguelike city builder could be a winning combination. No release date has yet been announced, so we may have to wait a while to see how it turns out.

Mystical Conquests

Mystical Conquests

At first glance, Mystical Conquests looks like a pretty standard 4X title. Players explore a hex-based map, snatching up land and fighting for resources. This solo project adds a new twist to the genre, though – you’re not just trying to conquer the world, you’re trying to save it.

From the beginning of the game your kingdom will come under siege from the forces of evil. Their numberless hordes won’t stop until the boss monsters scattered across the map are brought down, so you’ll need to send heroes and armies to find and defeat these menaces before it’s too late. Mystical Conquests is scheduled to release in 2023.


Capes RPG Turn-Based

We’re all excited for Marvel’s Midnight Suns. Just like a great new indie comic alongside the latest issue of Spider-Man, though, though, Capes is another superhero tactics game coming in 2023. Building your team of superheroes, you’ll fight to take back a city that’s been in the grip of villainous tyrants for twenty years.

Capes is undeniably inspired by all your favorite comics, and by the look of it the game will feel like full-color pages brought to life. 2023 is shaping up to be a very good year for superhero fans and turn-based lovers!

Chambers of Devious Design

Chambers of Devious Design

Of course, why should the heroes have all the fun? Chambers Of Devious Design is a villainous base-building game. If Evil Genius were a turn-based game, it might play something like this. However, it has a competitive puzzle element that sets it apart from the superspy classic.

You’re not the only supervillain bent on world domination – other nefarious forces are building their own bases nearby. You’ll need to place your chambers to efficiently use the space available, only building close to the other villains’ lairs if you think you can take them in a fight. It’s the kind of game that could lend itself so serious multiplayer mayhem, and we’re excited to give it a try when it launches on 5 September.



Miniatures gamers have had a rough couple of years. The pandemic made it hard to get even small tabletop skirmishes in, and digital adaptations just don’t feel the same. Moonbreaker is making a strong push to change that, though, billing itself as a true digital miniatures experience. If any game can pull it off, this looks like it could be the one.

Moonbreaker is designed to look and feel like the best-crafted and painted miniatures game you’ve ever played – and yes, you can design all your models’ color palettes. To top it off, the setting was created by world-famous author Brandon Sanderson, so players can immerse themselves in one of his signature worlds without having to read a thousand-page novel! Moonbreaker enters early access on 29 September.

Tortuga – A Pirate’s Tale

Tortuga Turn Based RPG

It’s been almost two decades since the remake of Sid Meier’s Pirates, and Tortuga looks poised to hoist the Jolly Roger as a spiritual successor. As a pirate captain, you’ll sail the seas, raiding and pillaging in search of fame and fortune. Tortuga features historical ships and characters to lend the story a bit of authenticity, but ultimately it’s your swashbuckling tale to tell.

What sets Tortuga apart is its 25 hours of storylines, allowing players to immerse themselves in crafted narratives as well as the stories they create themselves. If pirates are coming back in vogue, then pour me a pint of grog and hoist the mainsail when Tortuga releases in early 2023.

RPG Stories

RPG Stories

RPG Stories isn’t technically a game; it’s a robust 3D tabletop for D&D and other RPGs, with assets for world-building, gameplay, and communication between players. The software lets Game Masters visualize fantasy, modern, and sci-fi settings while dice and miniatures help maintain the tabletop feel.

RPG Stories could be to RPGs what Tabletop Simulator is to board games, so if you do most of your gaming online these days it’s a tool to watch. No release date has yet been announced.

The Worlds of Aria

RPG Indie Games

Game Of Roles is a show similar to Critical Role, broadcasting an RPG campaign for all to experience. The Worlds Of Aria invites fans and newcomers alike to step into the show’s setting and explore it for themselves. It’s primarily a narrative game, so the decisions you make will be secondary to stats and die rolls are included to add uncertainty to each scene.

The Worlds Of Aria allows for co-op play, with each party member’s actions driving the story in different directions. The game’s system is designed to take everyone’s decisions into account, making each game unique. As of now there is no release date listed for The Worlds Of Aria, so it’s unlikely to arrive until sometime next year.

Ten Thousand Coins: The Golden Merchant

Indie Turn Based RPGs

Traveling merchant games can be very satisfying; who doesn’t like buying low, selling high, and turning a profit? They’re usually light on story, though, which is something Ten Thousand Coins hopes to fix. The game’s plucky protagonist is front and center as she strives to find her homeland and pay off her massive debts.

Ten Thousand Coins tracks the effects of your business, as introducing new goods to an area will change the local situation. Buying and selling is more than just scanning a list of prices looking for deals; you’ll need to negotiate with each trader you come across. The release date hasn’t yet been determined, but we’ll be marking our calendars when it is.

The Great War: Western Front

The Great War

Petroglyph games is calling their upcoming historical strategy title “the definitive World War I strategy game,” and that may not be an exaggeration. The Great War follows the titular conflict on a Total War-style turn-based strategic maps, with real-time battles played out when armies clash. Battlefields are persistent, so terrain will shift as the Allies and Central Powers fight back and forth over the same stretches of land.

Digging trenches and developing new technologies will be at the forefront of the game’s overall strategy; how will your troops fare when they see the first-ever tanks roll over a hill? We’ll find out in 2023 when The Great War launches.


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