10 PC Turn-Based Games to scratch your Tactical Itch

Written by Marcello TBL

Shardpunk Verminfall RPG

If you are looking for some good turn-based games to scratch your tactical itch, you are in the right place. I listed some interesting indie projects actually under development with a demo available.

Get Out Of My Space

The story of Get Out Of My Space is effectively the reverse of XCOM 2. Humans have invented faster-than-life travel and colonized an inhabited planet, imprisoning and experimenting on the sentient species living there. Players take command of the planet’s resistance, carrying out small-scale operations to disrupt the human occupiers wherever possible.

All the hallmarks of a tactical strategy game are present, from cover to area attacks. Whether you’re going room-by-room in a laboratory or wreaking havoc in open spaces, Get Out Of My Space provides old-school sci-fi action alongside espionage and infiltration.

The 8 Sins: New Hell Order

This solo project stirs up memories of classic PC strategy games. After the death of the longtime Queen Of Hell, her loyal ministers – each overseeing one of the Deadly Sins – vie to claim the throne for themselves. As one of these claimants, you’ll manage and expand your domain with an aim toward subjugating the other realms of the underworld.

At only US $10.99, The 8 Sins is a great deal for strategy gamers on a budget. The demo should give you a good idea of what to expect, but it’s hard to go wrong at such a low price.

Fans of Final Fantasy Tactics should definitely try Spiritlink Tactics, which brings its own touch to classic isometric battles. Characters share mana, so timing and planning turn each round into a potential combo. The game’s class system also allows each character to take on two classes at once, allowing for limitless customization.

Spiritlink Tactics has a rich story, and there are tons of side quests alongside the main plotline. The full version isn’t available yet, but if the demo is any indication this will be one to watch.

Search and Rescue

Search And Rescue is a co-op game that puts players in charge of rescuing hikers lost in a dangerous mountain range. Up to four teammates need to manage both time and supplies as they work together to find the missing tourists before its too late. Resting keeps your team healthy and warm, but wastes precious minutes that could be the difference between bringing the hikers home alive or dead.

The game’s simple pixel graphics hide a level of depth and tension. Expect games to have nail-biting finishes where everything hinges on a single turn!

The Dragoness: Command of the Flame

The Dragoness has a great fantasy style similar to games of the late ’90s and early 2000s. It’s a great fit for the gameplay, which blends roguelite mechanics with the classic game flow of Heroes Of Might & Magic. A combination like that should be hard for any strategy gamer to resist!

Unlike many of the other games on this list, whose release dates are not yet announced, The Dragoness‘ launch is right around the corner! The game is scheduled to release on 1 September, so try the demo now and see if you need to clear your schedule for that day.

Zodiac Legion

It’s one thing to destroy your enemies in a game. Why not try destroying everything in your path as well? Zodiac Legions offers fully destructible environments; if your foes are hiding behind a wall, cast a spell and blow up the wall!

Players are tasked with rebuilding the knightly Zodiac Order to battle demons invading the world. Sharp pixel animations and a deep strategic layer combine to create an indie fantasy XCOM. While characters may be in danger of permadeath, you could always dabble in a little necromancy to keep your ranks filled…

Saturated Outer Space

So many sci-fi games are about blasting aliens with an array of wondrous weapons. Saturated Outer Space has plenty of that, to be sure, but that’s not the main focus. As a spacefaring emergency response team, your job is to respond to SOS signals and rescue civilians in danger!

That danger could take the form of fires that need extinguishing, failing life-support systems, and – of course – hostile alien life forms. The game makes it clear you won’t be able to save everyone, so expect some tough decision points on every mission.

Shardpunk: Verminfall

In a steampunk city overrun by bloodthirsty mutant rats, a handful of survivors make a dangerous journey to find shelter in secure bunkers. Fighting your way through swarms of rats with whatever weapons you can find, you’ll need to manage your team, scavenge new gear, and neutralize anything that tries to keep you from your goal.

Shardpunk: Verminfall has simple yet detailed pixel graphics that give the game a retro feel despite its modern setting and gameplay. Enemies don’t stop coming, so you’ll need to constantly be on the move if you don’t want to be overwhelmed. If you’re up for a challenge, give the demo a try before the game launches later this year.

Untamed Tactics

This colorful, imaginative title from Grumpy Owl Games relates the adventures of General Greycoat, as told by him to his grandchildren. With bright, richly-imagined settings and clever tactical battles, this anthropomorphic war story is among the best looking of 2023’s upcoming strategy games.

It’s unclear just how unreliable of a narrator Greycoat will turn out to be, but regardless of how much of his stories are true we’re definitely excited to experience them. You can even talk to your foes mid-combat, attempting to negotiate truces or get hidden information in the thick of battle!

Super Sol Standard

Super Sol Standard combines the look and feel of old-school Fire Emblem with modern gameplay conventions and multiplayer balance. Traps, wandering monsters, and unique class abilities are all important parts of the game’s overall strategy, and there’s plenty of pushing, pulling, and teleporting to stretch your strategic muscles!

Players looking to challenge their friends on the battlefield should give the demo a try. With a draft system to build your army before each battle and customizable rule sets, there’s a lot in Super Sol Standard to like from a competitive standpoint. The full game launches in January, so you’ll be able to show your skills online before you know it!


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