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KAeoi 18 Tactics & Strategy RPGs 2021

Ciao a tutti, welcome to the eighteenth episode of KEEP AN EYE ON IT. But before start, I want to remind you that I recently started using a CDN to speed up the opening of pages on the blog, but having some problems with the cache, so, please let me know if you are actually experiencing this improvement, and what do you think. Returning to KAEOI, this week another 5 very promising indie games that I am very happy to show you. As usual, this article is followed by the video with trailers, images, and my fantastic voice. Let’s start

Shieldwall Chronicles: Realm of Madness

Shieldwall Chronicles Realm Of Madness

Shieldwall Chronicles: Realm of Madness by Wave Light Games (Demon’s Rise, Strike Team Gladius) is the second Shieldwall Chronicles installment and we talk about a fantasy tactical turn-based RPG with a free open world with lots of quests and side quests to accomplish and a wide choice of heroes and classes to best balance the weaknesses and strengths of our party. Looking at the image below it is inevitable not to think about Divinity 2, isn’t it?

Key features

  • Explore an open world freely, pursue the main quest or one of the many side quests.
  • Earn glory in tactical, turn-based battles.
  • Face countless horrors as you explore ruined castles, fetid swamps, corrupted forests and dank caverns.
  • Earn gold and loot from defeated enemies and use it to better equip and customize your party.

Shieldwall Chronicles: Realm of Madness is expected for the 1st of September 2021 on Steam

Spire of Sorcery

Spire of Sorcery

Let’s continue with Spire of Sorcery by Charlie Oscar Lima Tango Interactive Entertainment. The world of Runds lies in ruins and magic and wizards have been banished from the kingdom and the latter locked up in the sanctuary for the sole purpose of serving the empire. We will lead a group of wizards who manage to escape and now they must explore the wilderness and try to restore the power of the Spire of Sorcery. Exploration takes place by choosing different nodes available on the map and first-person combat with a complex system of magic formulas.

Spire of Sorcery is actually in a limited early access version but i have no info about its release date. Here the Steam page.

Sea Wolf: Tactics

Sea Wolf: Tactics

In Sea Wolf: Tactics by Brandt Software we will guide a group of Vikings who will have to defend their territory from the threat of the empire that is now at their doors. Outnumbered, we will have to carefully choose the strategic points to hit and along the way recruit new units, each with its own class and skill tree. There are many missions to accomplish, such as capturing enemy outposts, hunting down bounties, and trade missions.

Key features

  • Drive Back the Empire: The empire has conquered and expanded for centuries – now they are at your doorstep and threaten your way of life. Although they vastly outnumber you, use cunning tactics to destabilize their hold of territories, incite rebellion and disable their empire.
  • Explore Midgard: Accomplish quests that will have you exploring every corner of Midgard, capturing empire strongholds, completing trading missions, and hunting down dangerous bounties.
  • Customize and Train: Build your raiding party up using new warriors you encounter on your journey and level them up. Carefully choose abilities from each classes’ diverse skill tree to create warriors that can adapt to any situation.
  • Honor the Gods: Provide the Gods some amusement by willingly accepting additional burdens in battle and they will reward you with their favor. Burdens change the rules of combat in challenging ways that will force you to adopt new strategies.
  • Raid or Trade: Coexist peacefully with neighboring villages and they will offer you lucrative but dangerous trading contracts or chose to raid them and steal their resources for yourself.
  • Tactics ModernizedSea Wolf: Tactics was created from a love of classic tactics games. Sea Wolf: Tactics aims to honor those iconic titles by adding new systems and streamlining old ones. Combat is responsive and quick. Battles are smaller scale to limit action-less turns but Battle Campaigns challenge you to survive multiple battles in a row.

Sea Wolf: Tactics is expected for August 2021 on Steam

Crimson Tactics: The Rise of the White Banner

Crimson Tactics The Rise of the White Banner

Crimson Tactics: The Rise of the White Banner by Black March Studios is a turn-based tactical RPG that takes inspiration from Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre. The game takes us into the fantasy continent of Xenthania where we must deal with political intrigues. Crimson Tactics present a solid battle system, with over 25 classes, 200 hundred skills, and the possibilities of mounting creatures like dragons and horses.

Key features

  • The game features a complex class system with over twenty-five classes.
  • Players can choose and use over two hundred abilities.
  • Recruit story characters with unique classes, weapons, and abilities.
  • Combat features an extensive weapon system where players can mix and match from hundreds of different kinds of weapons for a more epic experience.
  • A unique mounting system that has mounts ranging from horses to dragons, with each having its own advantages and disadvantages.
  • Battles take place on grid-based maps.

Crimson Tactics The Rise of the White Banner is preparing the invasion plan on Steam but no info about its release date.

Vesper: Ether Saga

Vesper Ether Saga

On their Steam page, we can read “The perfect union with video games and comics” and that’s what Vesper: Ether Saga by
Sylvain Harlaut & Jeremy is. An RPG that mixed up together card and strategy mechanics and show you the story through comics pages. In the game we are Vesper, and we must explore the world of Etheria, during the exploration we will encounter 10 playable characters and will unlock new areas. The battle system seems like something seen in Against The Moon where we must use cards and move units on 4×4 square grid maps.

Vesper: Ether Saga is expected on 30th Nov, 2021 on Steam.

Thanks for reading this new KAEOI episode, please let me know what you think about these 5 promising turn-based games in the comments and if you want you can reach us on Twitter (and talk directly with me, Marcello) or join us on our discord server.

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