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Upcoming turn-based games

The picture in my mind is clear: it’s the 24th of December and there is the “little me” under the covers. It’s almost midnight and I should sleep but I can’t. I’m waiting for something, a blurry reddish shadow, a soft sound of steps on the floor, and, maybe, the faint smell of sweets.
When I was young, Christmas was all here, in the emotions aroused by the expectation.

It didn’t matter what I was waiting for, it could be a robot, a remote control car or the brand new Intellivision. This was not really important. Most of the joy was in the anticipation, in the loooong waiting between the end of the summer and that magical date, but obviously, at that time, I cannot explain why the waiting was so exciting.
The fact is that our imagination, like Lewis Caroll said, “is the only weapon in the war against reality” and in my mind the robot was always a lot cooler, the car a lot faster and the… Intellivision a lot funnier. By this I don’t mean that my gifts were always disappointing, on the contrary, but they simply couldn’t compete against my imagination.

After all, the situation is the same when we are waiting a game for a very long time. In this case, we talk about hype and everyone knows that “the hype” can be very harmful for the game itself (who said Cyberpunk 2077!?!). And who is responsible for that? It’s obvious, the culprit is, again, our imagination. We can say that the more is the hype the more is the power of our imagination. Nowadays is not so uncommon to announce a game many years before its release and, believe me, this is never a good thing. Waiting sharpens the appetite but not forever, so maybe here, as elsewhere, the best way is the middle way!

Talking about desires, I have a couple of games that I expect with great interest and I truly hope to see them released during the next year. But i don’t want to make a list of some sort, partially because I don’t like ranking a game above another, and partially because I don’t want to steal Marcello’s job ;-).
I’ll keep my desires for me, putting my head under the covers until the magic will happen… again.


Like I said many times wargame is not my favorite genre of videogames,, but I know for sure that out there, there are a lot of fans eager to relive the most iconic battles of World War II, freeing Europe, Africa, and the Pacific theater from the hands of the Axis powers.
This time, things seems to be a little more interesting even for me. Like said by the developers the tactical combat will feature: Camouflage, Sabotage, Entrench, Overwatch, Smoke-screens, AT grenades, Artillery barrage, Shell Shock, Transport, Special Panzers, APCR, Armor Suppression, Routed, Surrounded, Infantry Charge, sharp-shooters, encirclement & flanking, deflections, penetration, critical hits, and ballistics that depend on the range of contact. Not bad, really not bad at all.

✔23 Historical inspired missions (Volume I)
✔22 Hard Scenarios where you will face against the full force of the enemy but also get to recruit your own army
✔30xUnit specializations (Perks)
✔Level up & active abilities for every unit
✔Massive weapon arsenal: 200+ unique units
✔Reinforcements & supply
✔Multiple objectives
✔Zoom controls
✔HD graphics
✔Intuitive interface
✔No ADS or Micro-transactions
✔All DLC’s are free
✔Lean learning curve
✔Light Turn limit

The war will begin the 1st of January on Steam!

GUNSLINGERS & ZOMBIES (E.A) – 15th January

The premise of this game is quite – how to say – “unusual”.
All of us are rather accustomed to the presence of zombies in almost every kind of videogame, but I think this is the first time someone imagines a true zombie apocalypse in a turn-based western game. I don’t know if Sergio Leone and Clint Eastwood would be proud of it, but who knows? Maybe there is a great genius behind all this!
After all, how can you not love a game whose slogan is “You have a choice: shoot or get eaten“!

Game Future:

  • Zombie West World – explore the beautiful world of weird west, where nothing is “normal”;
  • Engaging story – nothing will be revealed, find it and live it yourself;
  • Zombie – variety of zombie, beware of Zombie Buffalo!
  • RPG elements – Special times need specialized people;
  • Scavenging – look for supplies, ammo, food, medicine;
  • Lockpicking – not all can be opened just like that;

On Steam Early Access soon.


Find A SINGLE CARD which leads you to the victory. Lucky Heroes is a very simple and easy card game. Find the card that leads you to the victory. Draw, add or burn the cards and shuffle decks to find it.
Lucky Heroes is a very simple game. Lucky Heroes is a very simple game. Explore and manipulate decks with 20 unique characters, each one with different strategies for victory. There’s a plague Doctor who spreads the poison to your deck, a fisherman who reeled the victory card up and also a mage who burn every card you have regardless of what they are.

On Steam during January!

WARRIORS: RISE TO GLORY! Online Multiplayer Open Beta – January

Have you ever dreamed of being a powerful gladiator fighting for his freedom at the risk of his life? No? Ok nice, this means that
I’m not alone…
Anyway, Warriors: Rise to Glory! tells the not-so-orginal story of the mad emperor Ayziz, that reigns over the realm of Indiekingdom (!), who decides to use his dark powers to open a portal to different timelines and places across the multiverse and teleport thousands of warriors to fight against each other.

Do you want to know the features? Here they are:

  • Fight intense turn-based battles in spectacular arenas
  • Create your custom warrior with crazy looks and bestow him the most ridiculous fearsome honorary titles
  • Gain experience and level up your warrior with better stats and new combat skills
  • Enter the arena in individual duels, tournaments to the death
  • Test your skills in survival mode and rule the Indiekingdom leaderboard
  • Earn money as you progress to buy cool gear (or just loot them from these poor bastards’ corpses)
  • Please the crowd and they might help you in and outside the arena
  • Decide the fate of your fallen opponents: kill them or humiliate them… and earn rewards based on your decisions!
  • Play against your friends in local multiplayer (online coming soon, we promise!)
  • Face crazy bosses with unique powers that will put your tactical skills to a test
  • Decide carefully, for death is permanent…
  • …but do it fast, because some battles are time-limited!

In January on Steam.

And for this month that’s all. Stay tuned for my upcoming preview of ATOM RPG Trudograd! Happy new year!


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