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On The Radar – June 2020

Written by Hardcase

Upcoming turn-based games

Once a philosopher said: “A good question is far more important than a right answer“. I love questions and I love even more to ask questions (this is the main reason why I write the column “10 Turns interviews”).
Sometimes my questions are rather simple, like “when the hell will be released Wasteland 3?“, sometimes they are more serious, like “If I sit down on the edge of the universe and then I extend my arm out, what happens?

Most of the time I don’t have an answer for my questions, even for the silliest ones (for example, are we really sure that Wasteland 3 will be released on August?!?), but this doesn’t matter.
The most important thing is to remain curious.
This column is exactly this: an answer to my need to be curious.
I simply love to discover unknown games, try them and, sometimes, find among them the “hidden gem”!
As usual this month we have some big releases (like Griftlands) but also tons of “true indie” games. Let’s give them a chance, I know for sure that, despite some flaws, behind those games there is always a lot of love!

THE DUNGEON PARADOX – 3rd June (e.a.)

Coming out from nowhere, on June 3 it will be released, on Early Access, The Dungeon Paradox.
I had never heard of it until a few days ago, when accidentally I stumbled onto its release trailer.
Well let’s be honest, it’s not exactly the best trailer I’ve ever seen, but it reminded me the promo of some misunderstood action/horror B-movie from the 80’s. Marines, mummies (!), carnivorous plants (!!), spiders (!!!) and only Lord knows what else…

Really weird, but who knows? As usual on Steam.


CARRIER BATTLES is a classic hex-and-counter digital wargame covering the naval-air battles of the Pacific War, from 1942 to 1943. Find your opponent and strike at him before he sinks your precious carriers, while preventing them from invading or supporting your own amphibious operations.

On Steam, very soon.


A strange and potentially interesting mix of puzzle, RPG and roguelike, this is Heretic’s Lot. The prologue is just a demo of the main game coming later this year. I don’t know about you, but I’m rather intrigued.

Here are the key features:

  • Familiarize yourself with the basic mechanics of the main game
  • Complete 10 levels long first chapter of the game
  • Fight against stage bosses
  • Try out a variety of battle spells and perks
  • Face the mysterious demon. Will you be able to defeat him?

On Steam.

DECK OF ASHES – 09th June

After more than a year in Early Access, finally the “Slay the Spire-sque” roguelike from AYGames is arriving. With its astounding art style, tons of events and fights, this tactical card combat game is going to be released on June 9th 2020!

Actually, after the release of Slay the Spire, many games tried to follow in its footsteps with varying degrees of success, but Deck of Ashes seems to have its own and strong personality. It would be a shame not to give it a chance!
You can find our fresh first look here.

On Steam.

1971: PROJECT HELIOS – 09th June

This one is my “favorite of the month”.
I really love the setting of this game because it is far from the fantasy clichés. There is no space for things like the “chosen-one”, a super great evil to defeat, mega-fireballs and so on.
In 1971: Project Helios you live in a frozen world and your goal is to lead eight survivors in search of a mysterious character.
Tactical turn-based fights, exploration of military enclaves, dungeons and three different endings, make 1971: Project Helios a game to keep an eye on.
There is only one flaw: I don’t know if I can wait until 9th June!

On Steam.

FRAG – 10th June (e.a.)

In a near future you’ll have to fight for your life leading a team of soldiers in a series of deadly matches.
The rules are simple: kill the enemy, grab the loot, level up your team and learn new skills. If you lose a single match, you are done!

On Early Access on Steam.

WARBORN – 12th June

Lead a strike force of deadly mecha to bring peace to the solar system in a 40-mission campaign. Warborn features big robots (aka Variable Armour) fights and tactical gameplay, with a single-player campaign, multiplayer and a map editor! It will even support cross-play!

If you love mecha you can’t miss it. On Steam.


Finally, after two consecutive delays, on June 15 it will arrive Last Regiment.
Described as a simultaneous turn-based strategy game, Last Regiment will put you in the role of a hero who has to lead his regiment to triumph, in the post-apocalyptic land of Kothia!
As usual, also in the Last Regiment we will have to play cards in order to defeat our fierce enemies!

Very soon on Steam.

TAINTED GRAIL – 25th June (e.a.)

If the hardest question for you is “Is it better playing a roguelike or an open-world RPG” then stop questioning, buy Tainted Grail and you will have both!

Fashinating graphic, tactical turn-based combat and an interesting lore. Tainted Grail, based on one of the most innovative board games in recent times, try to give a mature and dark re-interpretation of Arthurian Legends offering wild fights, lands to conquest and villages to build and manage.

On Early Access on June 25, obviously on Steam.


The developers describe Chaos Galaxy as “A pixel-art turn-based Galaxy total war game. You can select 14 factions, 61 heroes, hundreds of warships and mecha, and command multiple fleets to carry out grand strategic operations on the map of the galaxy“.

If you want to try it you can even download the demo. During June on Steam. is expected to come out in june


The first time I’ve heard of this game was during the E3 2017, then just some occasional crumb of news and then again silence.
Seemingly all was lost, but during the E3 2019 Griftlands was re-shown.
This time the game transitioned from open world RPG to card-based game. Just one thing remained the same: the wonderful art style.

Now, after a short period of Early Access, it seems ready for the launch!

Sometimes during June on Steam.

Ok guys, let us know what you think about the June releases in the comments. Plus, here you’ll find the video version of this article on our youtube channel.


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