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Upcoming turn-based games

I do what I want
I want what I see

– Lou Reed

The beginning. The introduction.

If there is out there a single person who really reads what I write, well, then, he MUST know how much effort I usually put on writing the introduction or the premise of my articles.
What I usually do is to take an issue, a story or a thought, apparently extraneous to the world of videogames, and try to think about its implications and relations with my favorite hobby.
Take, for example, the provocative words of Lou Reed I mentioned above.
They summarize the way of life of soooo many people that this could be the “meme” of the XXI Century. Nowadays, not only we are used to having everything we see, but our hunger seems never satiated and this can be a problem because in this way we become unable to really appreciate what we already have.

Now try to think about the world of videogames.
Last month, in my column I talked about something like 18 upcoming games! Some of them really important (like Gears Tactics or the new XCom, for example). This month we have “only” 11 releases but I’m sure something more will come up along the way. Now, what for a “turn-based lover” should be a kind of paradise, may – unexpectedly – become a true nightmare and not only under the financial aspect.
The reason is that, usually, we are unable to really appreciate a game when we know that we have other 3,4 or 5 promising games still to start.
And that’s not only this.
I noticed, for example, that when I have so many games to play, I stop playing the current one as soon as I find the smallest defect. And that’s a pity because everything and everyone has at least a flaw! Maybe with a little effort I could overcome it and discover an excellent game, but the thought of having so many other games at my disposal to play, discourage me.
So, eventually, the abundance easily becomes dissatisfaction.
Now perhaps you ask: “But, in conclusion, what’s the point of all this delirium?”
And the answer is simple: I don’t know. Really.
But I know for sure how I can conclude this article, namely quoting the wise words of a man born more than 2.300 years ago.
Once Epicurus said:
Do not spoil what you have by desiring what you have not;
remember that what you now have

was once among the things you only hoped for.

Defense and Revenge – 1st May

Defense and Revenge is a turn-based strategy set in fantasy universe. You have to lead orcs tribe, provide defense and take revenge on enemies invading your land. You can take it on Steam.

Wintermoor Tactics Club – 5th may

It’s just behind the corner and I’m talking about, not only the game itself but also our interview with the developers. So stay tuned.
Regarding Wintermoor Tactics Club, we’re talking about an interesting mix of visual novel and turn-based RPG, set in a high school (the mentioned Wintermoor Academy) during the 80s.


  • Unlock your Potential: Discover the power of 7 playable characters and dozens of unlockable upgrades across more than 40 battles.
  • Explore the School: Get to know Wintermoor in visual novel-inspired gameplay. Break down the walls between high school cliques such as the Psychic Detectives and Young Monarchists.
  • Make New Friends: Write tabletop campaigns to help students overcome their personal problems, and discover their fantasy selves as your club grows.

Very soon on Steam.

Wartile Hel’s Nightmare (DLC) – 5th May

Wartile was released back in 2018 and it was met with positive reviews, not only for its charming art style but also for its strong gameplay elements.
Now, after 2 years of intense development, it’s time for its first DLC: Hel’s Nightmare!
In this expansion we will find:

  • Five new custom-designed diorama battle boards – Offering variated tactical challenges, all set in a unique mood and style.
  • New Viking hero – Unlock Ogier the Dane a strong two-handed wielding warrior.
  • Four new Action Cards – Unlock new action cards to spice up your tactical game.
  • Eight new Unique Items – Weapons and armor with magical powers tipping the balance of battle.
  • Two new Power Tokens – Upgrade your Vikings with the secret powers of the gods.
  • New Draugr armor set – Gear up as the undead horde from the underworld.

On Steam.

Rise of the Foederati (E.A.) – 5th May

Rise of the Foederati is a historical multiplayer strategy game that combines RPG elements with turn-based combat.
You play as a leader of one of the many tribes surrounding the Roman borders in the mid-5th century AD. Your objective is to lead your warriors into raids, skirmishes, and battles to survive.

So, at least at a first glance, there will be, not only fights, but also a strategic section with diplomatic and political decisions.

On Early Access very soon.

Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond – 7th May

I’m honest, I didn’t appreciate the previous chapter of the game, but not because it had something really wrong, but mainly because I don’t like JRPG combat system. Even this sequel seems essentially a JRPG in its core, but from the trailers, everything seems more rich and fascinating.

Here’s the description of the developers: “Celestian Tales: Realms Beyond is a beautifully hand-painted RPG set in a world of questionable morals much like our own. Follow the journey of six Companions, knights sworn to serve and protect the heir of a noble house, as they rise and fall in their struggle to survive a world where one’s true enemies are often their closest allies.”

On Steam.

ATOM RPG Trudograd (E.A.) – 11th May

Another expansion for another very good game. I bought ATOM RPG as soon as it was released, back in 2018, because it reminded me a lot the firsts two fallout games. But at the launch, the game was a bit disappointing (mind you that we’re talking about a very indie project). Nonetheless, there was great potential in the game.
I really hope that this standalone expansion can express the full potential of AtomTeam.

About its content we will have:

  • A large city with its own lore and dozens of varying locations to fight, trade, talk and explore in;
  • A hardcore turn-based experience with huge amounts of character development paths, combat styles, skills, perks and distinctions;
  • Unique characters each with their own personality and a robust branching dialogue;
  • Multiple-solution quests, which actively change the city around you;
  • Ability to transfer your hero from our previous game (Atom RPG);
  • An easy game to pick up. While Trudograd is a continuation of the first game’s plot, it is also friendly towards new players, and will quickly fill you in on the lore and major developments you might have missed;
  • A result of a two year long community effort, made by players for players. This game encompasses a lot of changes from our previous title, that were inspired by user feedback.

As usual on Steam.

Godless Tactics – 15th May

I haven’t heard of that game before, but from its description we can learn that Godless Tactics is a game where we will have to lead an elite team across a huge map, fighting the wars of the three Great Powers, choosing our strategy, and engaging in fast and deadly turn-based battles.
Godless Tactics combines large-scale strategy, in-depth tactics, and open-world exploration!

On Steam.

Knight Dice – 15th May

Knight Dice is a turn-based dice game, where your and enemies act depends on the dice. In every fight you and your enemy roll the dice, you can react to the situation by recalling some of your dice. Dice contains offensive and defensive pages, so you can react to enemy action with the right choice. Dice are also upgradable as a reward, and with the right combinations, you can also cast a powerful spell which helps in you in the battle.

▪ Turn-based strategy
▪ Relaxing music and graphics
▪ Easy to learn
▪ Lots of dice

Try to guess? Exactly! On Steam.

Keen – One Girl Army – 21st May

Have you ever dreamt of being a little super cool girl with a heroic mission to pursue in a sliding puzzle turn-based game? No? Then this is your chance!

This is how the developers describe their game: “Guide Kim, a grumpy little girl raised by her grandmother to save the world on her journey to stop an evil secret society from destroying her village. Innovative controls and fluid gameplay allow players to choose their own pace, whether fast as a hack N slash or methodic as chess. It’s fresh gameplay to a classic genre – moving and attacking are the same thing!”

At the end of the month on Steam.

Rising Lords (E.A.) – 29th May

Rising Lords is one of those games I’m really looking forward to, but I cannot say exactly why (!). Maybe because its art style reminds me of Battle Brothers or because it seems to have a very deep strategic section.
Rising Lords can be described as a medieval turn-based strategy game with card and board game elements. The art style is simply fascinating and also the gameplay seems deep enough.
Unfortunately at the end of the month, we will be able to play only the early access version of the game (not exactly my passion…), but we can still hope that it won’t take much longer.

On Steam.

Aeronautica Imperialis: Flight Command – May

Aeronautica Imperialis: Flight Command propels the excitement of the Warhammer 40,000 universe into the stratosphere in a richly detailed aerial combat game. It combines simultaneous turn-based strategy and atmospheric cinematic action, taking the core mechanics and complexity of the tabletop game and streamlining them into an immersive tactical experience with more explosions!

Key Features

  • Become the Flight Commander of the Aeronautica Imperialis or Skwadron Kommanda of the Ork Air Waaagh and take control of the fearsome airborne war engines of the Warhammer 40,0000 universe.
  • Simultaneous turn-based strategy meets real-time cinematic action. See the enemies of the Imperium of Mankind (or da puny humies) be destroyed from every angle.
  • In-depth tactical elements including altitude, pilot commands and a wide range of weapon systems adapted faithfully from the tabletop game.
  • Full single player air superiority campaign. Customise your squadron, level-up your pilots’ abilities with new skills, equip your aircraft with a deadly array of weaponry and build the ultimate flying force. then take on the might of the Airwaaagh’s fly boss over the skies of Rynn’s World.
  • 7 scenarios – each one a self-contained story delivering a different challenge in either single-player or multiplayer online. Play each one as the Imperial Navy or Ork Air Waaagh!
  • From Thunderbolts to Marauders, Fightas to ‘Eavy Bommers, take command of the mighty airborne engines of war from across the Imperial Navy and Ork Airwaagh!

On Steam, someday during May.


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