Top 10 best Turn-Based Games to play on the go on Steam Deck – Part II

Written by Marcello TBL

Steam Deck Verified Turn-Based Games to Play

Last week we saw 10 Steam Deck turn-based verified games, and now it’s time for more. Think about the winning point of Steam Deck. When you buy one, you immediately get access to all your Steam library, so you don’t need to buy a single game if you don’t want to, and that could be a strong plus. Think about all the RPGs and Strategy games present in your library, and potentially, the possibilities of playing all wherever you are. Just amazing.

Now not every single videogame is Steam Deck verified, and you can probably face some bugs and glitches for some of them. Fortunately, Valve has made the process of finding something compatible to play a little bit easier by labeling games with the certified tag, so players could be certain to enjoy the selected game.

So, using that tag, here is a list of 10 great turn-based games which are really good on Valve handheld console.

Warhammer 40,000: Mechanicus

Steam Deck Top Games

Mechanicus is one of the best Warhammer 40,000 video games available. Its XCOM-style gameplay blends perfectly with the setting, and it pits two fan-favorite factions against one another in a quest for dangerous alien artifacts.

You’ll need to manage your squad carefully to keep them alive in countless battles against the Necrons. When you find a new relic, you’ll need to decide whether its power is worth the risk of keeping it, or if it should be destroyed for the good of the galaxy.

Super Robot Wars 30

Super Robot Wars 30 - Steam Deck Top Games

This long-running series combines dozens of classic mecha anime and game characters in an all-out brawl. For new and returning players alike, Super Robot Wars is the crossover you never knew you needed. Gundam, Code Geass, Magic Knight Rayearth, and more are all playable options in this thirtieth-anniversary edition.

Fell Seal: Arbiters Mark

Steam Deck Top Games - Fell Seal: Arbiter's Mark

If your Steam Deck needs a little Final Fantasy Tactics-style flair, give Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mark a try. Its hand-drawn environments and characters are a treat for the eyes, and the game’s wide array of classes and equipment allows for tons of customization.

As an Arbiter, your goal is to enforce the will of the gods. When you discover that some of your fellow Arbiters are becoming corrupted by an evil force, it falls to you to restore order to the world. Build an army capable of standing against any foe, designing your troops as you see fit. If you’re looking for a game to tide you over until Tactics Ogre Reborn, Fell Seal is a great choice.

Disgaea 5 Complete

Steam Deck Top Games - Disgaea Series

If you’re looking for games with hundreds of hours’ worth of content, Disgaea always delivers. Each character has limitless customization options, and the tactical combinations in battle are just as expansive. From utilizing terrain effects to stacking your characters into towers, Disgaea rewards odd and creative gameplay.

Originally a PS4 title, Disgaea 5 is now Steam Deck Verified and can be played anywhere. Can you grind your team all the way up to Level 9999?

Curious Expedition

Curious Expe

This narrative roguelike challenges players to explore far-off lands in search of treasure to show at the World’s Fair in Paris! Your explorers’ society will face new challenges with each island they visit, and your decisions along the way will determine the outcome of the trek.

The sequel trades in pixel graphics for hand-drawn characters and backgrounds, but offers the same style of treasure-hunting gameplay!

Star Renegades

Battle system

A pixelated roguelike RPG with serious sci-fi style, Star Renegades offers an entire multiverse’s worth of adventure. The Imperium is bent on conquering every parallel universe, and it’s up to you to stop them however you can. Each failed run brings new information and abilities to the rebellion in the next dimension.

Star Renegades uses an adversary system, where enemies and bosses will grow and adapt over the course of gameplay. The Imperium learns your tactics, so you’ll need to change it up and keep them guessing!

Crystal Project

Crystal Project

Crystal Project is an open-world love letter to classic JRPGs with its own unique gameplay. Exploration is king in Crystal Project, and you’ll need to find new ways to jump, slide, and swim throughout the game world.

Classes and abilities are unlocked as you explore. Whether you use those to complete the story and fight legendary bosses, or just to keep exploring the world, is ultimately your call.

Steamworld Quest


The robotic denizens of Steamworld take a break from piracy to explore a fantasy tale in Steamworld Quest: Hand Of Gilgamech. As an intrepid band of mechanical heroes, you’ll explore the origins of a marauding army that seems bent on bringing conflict to the world.

Steamworld Quest has charming characters and a card-based combat system that allows for multiple party builds. There’s also an unlockable arena mode and New Game Plus for players who want an extra challenge – why not give it a try on the Steam Deck?



Cards, dice, rock-paper-scissors – we’ve seen all of these used to resolve RPG combat at some point or another. Early-access title Peglin adds some variety to the mix by introducing us to pachinko-based turn-based battles!

Bounce your ball around the board and pop pegs to defeat enemies and acquire artifacts. Bombs and potions can help speed the process, but are available in limited supply. If you die you’ll have to start the run over, but there will be new environments to explore every time!

Mordheim: City of the Damned

Mordheim turn-based

The original Mordheim miniatures game never achieved the same iconic status as its progenitor, Warhammer, but still developed a devoted following even after it was discontinued. Mordheim: City Of The Damned brings the original skirmish gameplay to a digital adaptation, letting a new generation of players battle for Warpstone.

Whether you play the solo campaign or decide to take your warband on the road against other players, Mordheim’s Verified status means you can create, customize, and battle across the city wherever you are.


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