Top Turn-based MMO/MMORPGs

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Top turn-based mmorpgs

Turn-based combat has always been a taboo for the MMO genre. Perhaps because the turn-based combat slows down the mechanics of the game or simply because realizing an MMORPGs with turn-based combat, goes to filter many videogamers. So the list of games that contain these mechanics is really short, or at least titles that are worth mentioning are few.
Here you will find games with the following characteristics:

  • World to explore.
  • Quests to accomplish.
  • Various activities like crafting and job system.
  • Obviously, turn-based combat.

I will update this list as soon as something new will coming out. Let’s start with the list. While if you are looking for a good competitive pvp turn-based game take a look here.

Atlantica Online

One of the first games that tried to mix the mechanics of turn-based combat with those of the classic MMORPGs. We will have to travel the world, visiting cities, accepting missions, crafting objects and doing various activities. The battles are turn-based on 3×3 grids and we can choose characters from different classes. Each class will have its own growth and skills.

Official website | Free 2 play with micro transaction


Created by Ankama Games, Dofus is a tactical turn-based RPGs. Surely among the best MMORPGs. The game contains all the elements of multiplayer games, in fact we can play professions, join certain guilds, visit dungeons and carry out quests. At the beginning of the adventure, we will have to create our character choosing among the many available classes and develop it using objects in the game.

Official website | Limited free 2 play with subscription options


The Dofus evolution. Wakfu presents new classes and new mechanics compared to its predecessor. To date the best MMORPG with turn-based combat. Definitely, the most recommended on the list.

Key Features:

  • Turn-based tactical combat: Tired of brainlessly running through the forest pressing 1, 1, 2, 1, 1, 3, on every monster that jumps on you? Discover our turn-based tactical combat system, anddevelop a more creative strategy to defeat monsters that will keep challenging your tactical skills.
  • 18 original classes: No standard knight, ranger, mage and cleric here. Discover our 18 classes, each with their unique set of skills and gameplay. From Foggernauts, the robot wreckers, to Xelors, masters of time, you’re sure to find the character that’s right for you.
  • Political life: NPCs are so yesterday… Write your own destiny and join the political dance of your Nation. Become Governor or one of his ministers, and make decisions that will impact thousands of players. The choice is yours: decide if you’d rather be a democratic, peaceful leader, or a tyrannical conqueror!
  • Master the ecosystem: Respawn is a lie. When you kill something, you’d better replant it, or you might accidently wipe out an entire species. Our unique ecosystem feature will give you complete control over mobs population.
  • Build your own world: While others offer you houses, we give you worlds! Haven Worlds! Join a guild and acquire your own little piece of the world, to build and develop just as you wish. Don’t worry, in the Haven Worlds there are houses too, and so much more!
  • Quests and Dungeons: Live exciting adventures, explore lots of unique dungeons, and complete hundreds of quests that will offer you to live a real adventure as a main protagonist. You’re here to save the world, after all!

Official Website | Limited free 2 play with subscription options


One of the most recent MMORPGs that has been successful and received many positive reviews. Gameplay of a deep interesting, unique RPG with some interesting mechanics like building your base of operations, plunder dungeons for loot, crafting system and much more.

Key Features:

  • Turn-based combat on a tactical grid.
  • Great Community: The most incredible thing about Frogdice and all of our games is the community. Our players are a major reason our games are so special and their passion and love for our game world is part of a sacred trust we cherish.
  • Housing as a core feature: Your Base of Operations (BOO) starts as a humble bedroll and can be built and customized into a mighty fortress where you stash your loot.
  • Dungeons: Shared world dungeons and private instanced dungeons for your dungeon crawling cravings.
  • Character customization: via class, race, build, gear, cosmetics, costumes, pets, mounts, and more.
  • Crafting: Use, sell, trade, or enter items into competitions. Be a full-time crafter or merchant.
  • Exploration: A huge world for you to discover with hundreds of unique locations.
    Awesome world story with a unique twist. Players affect this story and the entire world profoundly. Our staff runs world events and plot lines.
  • Clans: Join with friends and compete for dominance.
  • Loot: Tons and tons of loot, and with rare exceptions, we don’t do bind on pickup/equip.
  • PvP: In Development: Group and solo leaderboards. Dueling. Clan wars and battles.

Official website | Free to play

Do you know other turn-based MMO/MMORPGs? Write in the comments or on our Twitter page. In the meantime, take a look at our lists to discover new turn-based games.


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