A New 4X Strategy Game Arrives Next Month

Written by Marcello TBL

Revival: recolonization

HeroCraft PC is thrilled to announce an epic crossover between the action-packed hit game Atomic Heart and the post-apocalyptic 4X strategy game Revival: Recolonization. This exciting collaboration will bring Atomic Heart characters into the world of Revival: Recolonization, creating a unique and immersive gaming experience.

Revival Recolonization

In a special teaser (at the end of this article) released by HeroCraft PC, players can catch a glimpse of the crossover in action. The teaser showcases the appearances of two popular characters from Atomic Heart: the Twins and RAF-9 (also known as Raffik).

The Twins make a holographic appearance in Revival: Recolonization‘s new anomaly, the Holo Theater. Interacting with the Twins hologram grants players a bonus in Reputation and Prosperity, adding a new strategic element to the gameplay.

RAF-9, on the other hand, emerges as a formidable new NPC in Revival: Recolonization. This hostile character is designed to inflict damage using acid. Units that come into contact with the acid will lose one armor, followed by an additional armor point each turn. Players will need to devise clever tactics to overcome this dangerous adversary.

Revival: Recolonization is a gripping 4X strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic version of Earth. Players take on the role of leaders, guiding a group of survivors to rebuild civilization, enhance technologies, and reclaim the planet from a frenzied AI.

This marks the first appearance of the Revival franchise on PC, with the initial two entries debuting on feature phones. HeroCraft PC aims to deliver a captivating and immersive gaming experience for strategy enthusiasts and is scheduled to be released on Steam Early Access on the 28th of June 2023. Below the Teaser Trailer and overview of the game.


Set in a post-apoc version of Earth, Revival is a 4x strategy game where the world and its rules can change at key moments, creating a deep and highly replayable experience. Explore a transformed planet, negotiate or conquer new territories and bring the light of civilization to regressing human colonies in order to prepare mankind for war with a despotic entity.

Enjoy an unprecedented level of freedom

Revival generates a vast possibility space for you to play around with. From sudden weather changes to zombie infestations and bans on certain weapon types – boy, you are in for a surprise.

​Adapt to new conditions with the help of the nuanced edict system that allows you to terraform the planet and fine-tune the game rules on specific regions of the map. Protect your settlement from changes by building special shield constructs or by accepting the blessings of your tribe’s totem tree.

Progress through the ages

Survivors of the terrible catastrophe that almost destroyed mankind have unique traits and bonuses that affect your gameplay style. Pick the right clan to take under your wing and help your followers evolve through four distinct epochs, all the way to futuristic settlements and breakthrough technology.

Engage in tactical combat

Command an army that is suited to your play style by gearing up troops with a variety of components, which can also be crafted. Adapt your tactics in intense turn-based battles by mixing and matching different parts, as well as smartly using destructible cover to defeat your enemies.

Explore Earth after a devastating cataclysm

Revival takes place on our own home planet whose landscape and climate have been dramatically transformed. Discover pre-cataclysm artifacts and anomalies with unexpected behaviors. Face off against wild beasts that have evolved to survive in these conditions, as well as fearsome mechanical automatons that roam the lands.


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