A new Isometric RPG from Frostpunk and The Witcher Remake Devs

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The Thaumaturge RPG

If you’re a fan of turn-based roleplaying games and are searching for a new adventure to immerse yourself in, then The Thaumaturge might just be the game for you. Developed by 11 Bit Studios (known for Frostpunk) and Fool’s Theory (responsible for The Witcher 1 Remake), this isometric RPG is set in early-20th-century Warsaw and promises to be a story-rich experience.

The game takes place in 1905, a time when Warsaw is under the control of imperial Russian tsardom. The city’s inhabitants come from different backgrounds and have conflicting interests, including Russian soldiers, Jewish merchants, and Polish townspeople. Thaumaturges are a powerful force in this world, individuals who can tame spirit-like beings called Salutors and use them to manipulate others and even engage in combat. However, this power comes with a warning to use it with caution.

The Thaumaturge explores the complex theme of inner demons, with gameplay mechanics and narrative aspects touching upon this idea in different ways. With its unique take on combat and character development features, The Thaumaturge promises to be an intriguing addition to the turn-based RPG genre. Keep an eye out for updates on the game’s development at the upcoming Game Developers Conference.

The Thaumaturge is a PC game but we don’t have a release date yet. Below the announcement trailer


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