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A new Update for the Overwhelmingly Positive Indie Strategy RPG Symphony of War

Written by Marcello TBL

Symphony of War RPG

Symphony of War: The Nephelim Saga by indie dev Dancing Dragon Games was a major hit in 2022. Devs is now working on the Legends DLC, which promises tons of new content, but in the meantime, the development team has decided to focus on releasing a series of Quality of Life, graphics, and gameplay changes, as well as bug fixes to improve the overall player experience in the new update just released. The new changes include high-quality portraits for all story characters, allowing players to disband certain characters from their default squads after Chapter 6, font spacing and readability fixes, and various other minor Quality of Life improvements.

Symphony of War

Moreover, gameplay improvements such as unlocked story characters after Chapter 6, fixed enemy squad blind spots, improved AGI starting and growth for the Militia class, updated Light Cavalry charge attacks, damage resistance for spear wielding infantry troops, and rebalanced “pity” units given in certain chapters to fill out squads, and much more!

In addition, in this 1.5 update, the UX/UI is receiving a revamp with new features such as the ability to select what sprite your squad is represented as on the tactical map using the “Map Sprite” option in Squad Operations, new sprite options for display on tactical maps, cycle-sort reserve units by various stats, and improved accuracy of HP gauges in battle HUD. Lastly, numerous minor issues and bug fixes will also be implemented to improve the game’s overall stability.

So stay tuned for more exciting changes and prepare for the Legends DLC expansion content! Below is an overview of the game via Steam and my gameplay first look.


At the turn of the millennium, the world of Tahnra is headed for a reckoning. The long and bloody conflict of Veridian Succession left the Empire of Veridia scarred, its people subject to brutal hardships. Under the reign of Empress Florina, the vicious cycle seemed to be broken, until a rogue General abducted her from the capital, mustering his own armies and raising the flag of rebellion. You, a young academy graduate, will command an expedition against these forces… a conflict that will set off a chain of events and shake the very foundations of the world.

  • 2D Turn-based Strategy RPG
  • Squad-based player army
  • Story-rich 30-40 hour Campaign with huge replay value
  • 50+ Character classes for your troops
  • Massive depth of tactics you will learn through natural play
  • Limitless possibilities for how to build your characters and squads

The gameplay focuses on grand-scale operations, outwitting and out-planning the opponent, while individual battles are carried out automatically and are thrilling to watch unfold.

  • Maneuver squads of up to 9 soldiers across battlefields and seize the advantage by grabbing high ground, holding chokepoints, ambushing from the woods, and more
  • Pay attention to the weather, or fall prey to a sudden blizzard or heat wave
  • Liberate towns and capture resources to bolster your reputation and sustain your armies
  • Break the enemy’s morale, while maintaining your own
  • Eliminate enemy squad leaders to shatter their chain of command

Tactics win engagements. Logistics win wars. Once the dust settles, it’s time to collect the wounded, rally the troops, and prepare for another battle in the long march to peace on Tahnra.

  • Assemble squads from more than 50 unit classes, including heavy infantry, archers, shock cavalry, medics, arquebusiers, dragons, battle mages, and more
  • Outfit squads with equipment and artifacts obtained through looting and victory
  • Nurture your conscripts into elite warriors, or hire mercenaries to instantly boost your army’s fighting prowess
  • Research upgrades through your faction’s tech tree across a multitude of classes to specialize or generalize your troops for the job

The graduates of the Imperial War Academy were sent to quickly contain a rebellion, but became embroiled in a vicious plot far beyond what they could imagine.

  • Meet friends, heroes, allies, and rivals from the many different factions across the world
  • Manage a dynamic relationship system, unlocking iconic conversations, unbreakable bonds, and powerful bonuses between your characters
  • Experience an epic tale brimming with malice, treachery, and ambitions, as the fragile peace of Tahnra unravels


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