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Abalon, a Roguelike Tactical adventure, releases on Steam this May

Written by Marcello TBL

Abalon Tactics RPG

D20Studios, a Utah-based game developer, is thrilled to announce the release of Abalon, a roguelike adventure game, on Steam this May. The game will officially launch on May 11th after seven years of development and close collaboration with players. Abalon combines the best elements of classic tabletop games such as tactics, cards, dice, and creativity to devise amazing strategies.

Summoners Fate

Players can expect a turn-based tactics game with card strategy, wrapped in a roguelike adventure focused on exploration, survival, and defeating powerful bosses. Abalon has been described as a successful combination of Magic: The Gathering, D&D, and Final Fantasy Tactics – a unique experience that’s both familiar and unlike anything players have ever played.

Some of Abalon’s key features include over 200 distinct characters with unique abilities, deep strategic gameplay that lets players outsmart their opponents by casting spells, laying devious traps, and executing cunning combos. The game boasts a playful art style where characters literally look up at players to be commanded. Abalon has highly accessible, simple point-and-click controls with full gamepad support.

D20Studios is also planning to release a multiplayer title, Abalon Arena, that will focus on competitive and cooperative multiplayer.

About D20Studios

D20Studios was founded in 2009 with a mission to build intrinsically satisfying, accessible games with depth. Ross Przybylski, Founder and Game Developer, has been developing Abalon mostly as a solo developer, with a small team of loyal contractors supporting him. Abalon has been featured three times by PAX and won the global 2021 Nordic Discovery Contest Game of the Year Award. It has received over 150 reviews since its debut in Steam Early Access with a 92% very positive rating, including glowing praise from content creators like Splattercat, Wanderbot, and Retromation.

Abalon is available for purchase on Steam. Check out the game’s trailer and the overview via Steam Page

Abalon (formerly Summoners Fate) is a roguelike adventure that fuses tactical turn-based combat and card strategy. You’re tasked with the challenge of guiding your heroes through perilous quests in search of hidden secrets, powerful cards, titanious team members, and mutated rabbits.

The world of Abalon is inspired by traditional tabletop environments, stretching from its frozen peaks to barren deserts and colorful woodland to dingy dungeons. Each world offers its own characters to find, mysteries to unravel and bosses to slay.

Abalon draws its inspiration from classic tabletop games like Hero Quest, Dungeons and Dragons, and Magic: The Gathering, combining tactical combat with thoughtful events decided with the trusty roll of a D20. Exploring Abalon is done in real-time, allowing you to uncover lore scrolls, shop for powerful cards and even attend a goblin’s birthday party (don’t forget your gold).

Combat brings Abalon into a turn-based game where unit positioning is as important as your spell casting. These tense encounters play out in arena-style maps where the environment isn’t just for show, it’s a key part of the battlefield. Equip powerful armor from a statue mid-fight. Slam your foes into a wall of spikes. Transform a tree behind enemy lines into an allied fighter. How you control the battlefield is your choice.

In between the DnD style events and slaying of enemies you’ll be collecting cards, lots of cards. Every Summoner is linked to two classes, including Arcane, Celestial, Nature, Void, and Chaos. These classes offer different playstyles: Chaos contains a lot of fire AOE spells for big damage whereas Arcane provides the ability to mind-control your enemies.

Your deck in Abalon is capped at 20 cards, so you can collect all the cards you like knowing they won’t hinder your current build. If you wish to change your playstyle halfway through your adventure then simply roast some marshmallows on the campfire and chat with the Cosmic Tortoise.

Abalon offers an ever-changing adventure so it’s important to adapt to the situation. The Battle Mode allows you to build a constructed deck from the cards you have discovered during your adventures. Bringing this deck, along with two allied units you can test your might against the toughest of foes!

  • 5 Worlds to explore, each with its own events, characters, and bosses
  • 16 Summoners to guide through an adventure, each offering a unique ability for you to master
  • Over 30 characters to meet through world events, all of which can join your adventure
  • Over 300 cards you can collect on your quest to build the perfect deck
  • PvE Battle mode, the perfect arena to master your favorite Summoner


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