Advance Wars-like Tactics Game Launched on Kickstarter

Written by Marcello TBL


Lavabird Games has launched a Kickstarter campaign for Warside, a turn-based tactics game that draws inspiration from Advance Wars. The game will be released on PC via Steam, and Nintendo Switch in 2023.

Warside Strategy Game

Lavabird Games aims to bring a fresh perspective to the classic turn-based tactics genre, featuring a retro pixel art style and fast-paced tactical combat. Warside will offer 12 playable Commanders, each with unique passive skills and Battle Powers and it will also allow players to control over 20 different unit types, simultaneously battling over land, air, and sea with ground forces, aircraft, and naval units.

Additionally, it will feature a single-player campaign with over 30 missions, faction-unique units, multiplayer battles, and a built-in mission editor for both single and multiplayer.

Below the Trailer and info about the Key Features Via Kickstarter Page:


Control 25+ unit types. Simultaneously battle over land, air, and sea with ground forcesaircraft, and naval units.

Wage war with artillery and tanks. Master the seas with submarines and warships. Command the skies with fighter and bomber aircraft.

Command a variety of specialist infantry, including snipersmedics, mortar teams, and saboteurs

Each faction even has a set of faction unique units. Not cosmetics, but unique units and mechanics only available to that specific faction!


Choose a Commander to lead your forces. Each Commander has a unique set of passive attributes and a Battle Power

Different strengths make it important to choose Commanders that align with your mission objectives and play style.

Battle Powers can be devastating, but they need careful timing to have the most impact. Choose wisely for maximum effect.


Test your skills with over 30 missions in our single-player story mode campaign. We mix classic battle gameplay alongside escort, rescue, infiltration, and awesome story events.

Battle in forestdesert, and snow biomes, plus indoor close-quarters missions. Fight your way through a secret lab with hero units.


Warside has been designed to be fast-paced. Game mechanics bias towards action and away from turtling.

Each faction has at least one anti-stalemate unit capable of disrupting frontlines. 

Factories and Barracks can build multiple units per turn depending on structure hitpoints. Optimum play is building the correct unit, not just spending all your money each turn.

Air units are not blocked by opposing ground units. They can easily penetrate undefended frontlines, yet are balanced by new air defence mechanics.


Battle your friends with cross-platform multiplayer supporting local and internet play

There’s even a two-player co-op campaign and ranked matchmaking as stretch goals.


Design your own maps with the built-in mission editor for both single and multiplayer.

We’re including the very same we use to build the main story campaign. Everything you’ll see in the campaign can be built with the editor.

  • Start with a blank canvas or procedurally generated terrain.
  • Triggers for game encounters and other story-driven events.
  • Set rule-based win conditions and instant failure conditions.


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